Saturday, May 29, 2010

¿Dónde Está la Partida de Nacimiento?

Even the thorough and discreet search of the President's pockets by a young, Mexican lad - the best in the business...

... could not produce tangible proof of his natural-born citizenship.

NOTE: Please pardon the use of the Dreaded Tongue in the title of the post, but it means, "Where is the Birth Certificate?" I'm not particularly fond of Spanish, as it tastes as poison in my mouth. Besides that, they put question marks upside down. That little booger hugging Soetoro is Calderón's son, and I think his name is Luis Felipe. He wants to grow up and be a corrupt moocher just like his pappy. Mexico wants to keep up a steady relationship with us, because they only have about 260,000 military personnel (which we mostly equip and train), compared to our 1.4 million. Mexico would have more, but they only have three Dodge vans with which to transport them.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Calderón's Address to Congress: Mockery of the People's House

While it is not without nearly equal mockeries by our own supposed representatives, specifically those mockeries committed by President Soetoro, Governor Rick Perry, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and Senator Ted Kennedy, the recent presence of Mexican President Calderón in our House of Representatives clearly shows that our Congress should update their self-set rules to disallow foreigners and their officials from taking our legislative floors and wasting our elected representatives' time, at least without immediate, personal supervision by the President. Though, that didn't seem to bother Pelosi, who was all aglow just to be in the vicinity of such a 'progressive' leader.

Indeed, President Soetoro was, as he said, "... extraordinarily honored as we host you."

And oh, how our Congress cheered the man... nay, not man, for he is more than a man, he is a Mexican in America, the most celebrated form of human life! They cheered him most when he rebuked the foolish assertion of Arizona's sovereignty, for what is a state but a mere agent of the President, a servant of the collective will?

How they applauded his stalwart response to the Second Amendment to our Constitution, in demanding ("...with all due respect...") for the return of the Assault Weapons Ban!

Of course, an "assault weapon" is little more than a gun that can fire twice without reloading the magazine, so banning them would be like destroying the firearms business, which would not only harm the economy and jobs, but it would also eliminate our right to keep and bear arms, which does not exist in Mexico, which is why Mexico is run by people who keep and bear arms as well as drugs, who are also assisted by the corrupt Mexican government, which is run by Calderón, but let's not let that get in the way of Congress's love and admiration of our bondsman, because we are not defined by our national borders, we are defined by the the bonds of North America - Canada to our north and Mexico to our south, our mutual bondsmen:


I think every self-respecting American representative present at that speech by the President of Mexico should have shouted, "Shame!" at the disgusting display of disrespect to our national sovereignty and American integrity. The Mexican President wore a Mexican flag pin on his lapel, which would be, as far as I know, the only time a flag other than an American flag was displayed in our legislature; and I hope there is no precedent of a foreign symbol being seen in the People's House, be it the symbol of ally or enemy; nor should there be any foreign dignitary other than one Presidentially escorted into the building and constantly supervised until his departure.

What a disgrace to our sovereignty, a shame to those who applauded it, and another unheeded alarm to the American people.

(Mild language due to primal rage near the end:)

And, by the way, I took the time (approx. 10 minutes), to read through the entire Arizonan immigration law, SB 1070, and there is special provision to ensure there is no racial discrimination against anyone; and even if there is abuse of the law by cops, there is abuse of the Constitution every day, so why should we be so afraid? Because it hinders someone's agenda.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rand Paul's Non-Racism

In a move that we should all have seen coming, the Left has created a major controversy from thin air to try to sink Rand Paul's image. In what I see as an attempt to get Conservatives to denounce the libertarian Paul, as opposed to the usual paradigmatic strategy of party-line division, they have falsified, misrepresented, and literally lied not only about what Rand Paul meant but also about what he actually said.

The headline on Wolf Blitzer's CNN interview with Paul stated, "Rand Paul Defends Views on Race," subtitled, "Would he have voted for 1964 Civil Rights Act?"

There is no 'dirt' on Paul; there are no closet-dwelling skeletons, no alcohol-induced scandals, and no birth certificate/college record debate. So, the logical thing to do, as a radical, Socialist Conquistador of American media and politics, is to make something up.

Sly In The Morning Blog: Rand Paul: Repeal Civil Rights Act
... "Paul might not be a racist but he's certainly making the most bigoted members of the tea bagger movement happy. Do you think any Wisconsin Republicans who claim to be tea party members will come out against Paul's purist positions?"

They are calling for Republicans and Tea Partiers to denounce him as a racist, when all he said was that (paraphrasing) he agrees with nine-tenths of the Civil Rights Act, and the part he disagrees with concerns opening the door to meddling in private businesses' affairs, which would possibly lead to shutting down the First Amendment. Like that hasn't happened.

Every arm of the media, left- and right-leaning, immediately jumped on this non-story of his non-racist views on the Civil Rights Act, saying he needed to explain himself, that he was in trouble, that he was drawing a lot of criticism. Well, he wasn't before you said he was.

And, in the end, it all goes back to the cult of racism in America, which they will never let die. Perpetuating the focus on multiple races negates the idea of the 'melting pot' of America. Why can't we become colorblind? Why can't America be defined by its borders, rather than the skin color of its citizens? Why must the Civil Rights Act be the rallying cry of Collectivism instead of Individualism?

More on this to come, I'm sure.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Rise of La Raza de Aztlan in America II

As was noted here, there are already claims of abuse of La Razans Hispanics by police, which, in the instance noted, is indeed abusive. However, America is supposed to be colorblind - abuse is abuse, racially charged or not.

It is worthy of pointing out the many instances of Mexican rallies which promote the slaughter of Americans with landscaping tools...

and the raising of Mexican flags over U.S. flags, and generally promoting Mexican culture over ours:


Where are the SPLC and ACLU in defense of our lives? Why aren't these people, who are self-proclaimed, violent revolutionaries and promoting the wholesale slaughter of police, at least the subject of a MIAC report? Why can only pro-American protesters be labeled 'dangerous'?

Because that's not part of the agenda, now is it?

Interesting flag, Mexico has.

A golden eagle killing a rattlesnake. Nothing anti-American about that.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Rise of La Raza de Aztlan in America

(A quick reminder to the researchers among us that you may double-click on any word or group of words on this for an automatic reference guide. Check it out.)

La Raza is a Mexican term that means "the Race"; "Aztlan" is a Mexican term that denotes the land Mexico claimed and lost to the U.S. during the Mexican-American War in the Mexican Cession, which was an area that ranged from northern California eastward to western Kansas, and southward to the northernmost parts of present-day Mexico, the cession of which basically formed the border we have today.

It is from this cession that come the modern claims that America 'stole' the Southwest from Mexico. Actually, Mexico only claimed this area, and had but a few forts, which were, in fact, outposts of an occupying force on Indian land. If there was any 'theft' afoot, it was the Mexican theft of Native American property. If you want to open the brass tacks box, Spain, France, and the Pope all claimed the area at one time or another, and I think Vatican City has as much of a case as Mexico does.

That said...

(I think I caught brief swearing, so be forewarned.)

(I cannot post the actual trailer, as it is rather disgusting.)

This is all about to boil over into something pretty horrible, I am convinced.

I have nothing against Mexicans, but I have a problem with Mexicans who have something against me. If you want to be an American and legal, I want you here, but if you want to be a Mexican, you already have a defined territory. I'm not an invader, I was born here. Eighty percent of Mexicans are of European ancestry, but only sixty-two percent of Americans are of European ancestry. Who is the 'nation of immigrants'?

Please, we just don't need a race war. We are all of the human race, and we need to respect our individual and national sovereignty.

More to come.

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