Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Coming Ox Driver

Today, I ran onto this article from WND, which is a website I usually tolerate for news and nothing more. This story took me by surprise.

The article explains how one man, Mark Biltz, with whose ministry I am familiar, is claiming to have uncovered how the constellation "Boötes" is possibly a sign of Christ's second coming which has been in the night sky since creation. Boötes, he claims, is Hebrew for "the Coming One", and is depicted as a man holding a sickle, which is specifically related to end times iconography in Revelation. This portion of the article is what kept me reading, as I had recently been pondering the significance of the sickle in the context of that chapter.

From the article: "The word 'assemble' is the same word that is translated as 'Arcturus' in Job," he said. "So it means the same thing, to assemble, to come. And if you'll notice the word 'come' is 'bo,' which is the name of this constellation: 'Bo-otes.' So this constellation .... He's got a sickle in one hand and a spear in the other. This is a sign of the Messiah who says 'I'm coming.' That's what this constellation is all about, the Coming One. In Revelation it talks about He has a sickle in His hand."

Well, I apologize to those who are getting interested, because I'm going to have to pull some rugs out.

From the above image, by golly, it's as plain as the nose on your face that he's right...! But, let's look at the constellation as God intended, without all the doodling:

Hmm... I don't see the sickle from this angle...

Okay, I'll make it easier by emphasizing the pertinent stars (yes, I did this myself and am very pleased):
So, how we get the intricate drawing at the top of the article from playing connect-the-dots with these stars, I'll never know, because I not only don't see the sickle, I lost the man.

Actually, Boötes has been depicted as holding anything from a spear and leashed dogs, to nothing but a club. In fact, Boötes is Greek for "Ox driver", and is related to the Latin "bovis" meaning "cow", which is a far cry from the translation, "the Coming One".

Biltz, in my experience with his doctrines, generally rejects the King James Version of the Bible, and, in fact, proves many of his points by drastically changing the wording of the scripture to fit his perspective. This is not to say he is deliberately trying to deceive people, but he is deceiving them. WND has been so deceived.

Also in the article is mentioned how a star in the constellation Boötes sent out a large gamma ray burst in 2008. Some said it was a sign from God that Jesus was to return very soon. In my laborious search of the Bible I didn't find an exploding star as a sign of His return, but I will keep looking. Apparently, "gamma ray burst" is not in the KJV. 

I suggest we look to the Bible for proof of anything anyone says about God and His plan.

"Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me." ~John 5:39

"These [Bereans] were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so." ~Acts 17:11

Due to popular (my mom's) request to clothe Boötes:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Flags, Freedoms, and a Cup of Tea

A note: minor correction to my previous post, "Commentary coming longly." Sorry for the wait, peeps.

Our rights are inherent, that is, God-given, therefore the Bill of Rights gives us nothing but a guarantee that there are boundaries which the federal government will not cross. That guarantee stands to this day, whether those who now sit in the very offices which facilitated the creation of the greatest document of representative government in the world, the United States Constitution, will honor it or not.

As President Soetoro might say, with thumb and index finger firmly joined, "let me be clear": the Constitution is valid, the Bill of Rights is valid, the Second Amendment is valid, and they are valid as written.

We now approach the two hundred and thirty-fifth anniversary of the battles of Lexington and Concord; the nineteenth of this month will probably be remembered with greater significance than in previous years due to the unmistakable tension of all domestic political and economic issues coming to a head. This strife has been thrust upon the Freedom-loving people of America to an extent unparalleled in the known history of the western hemisphere.

Historically speaking, the menial enslavement of Africans overshadows the brutality capable by governments in the modern day, but the requirements and strangleholds of this government over the whole people, not secluded to one group, presents a far more dangerous form of slavery over a man's well-being and individuality, as it is undeclared, misunderstood, and invisible to many of its own victims. It causes no scarring beyond that of generational theft, and incurs no suffering beyond that of endless debt; like a virus, it is invisible yet deadly if left untreated. I have heard all too often, "America is still the greatest country in the world, and nothing can change that, so enjoy the freedoms you still have." Blind and irresponsible.

The American Revolution was said at the time to not be for light or transient causes. The conditions the U.S. government now places over its subjects are much more injurious to our lives, liberties, and pursuits of our own definitions of happiness than the British monarchy could have reasonably conceived at the time of its rule over this continent.

Our collective answer to this usurpation has been lackadaisical and disrespectful to those who fought and died in the Revolution, and it is disrespectful to God, whom I would suspect is disappointed that a country, which was an impressive embassy to the world for His Kingdom, is now in such a state of disrepair and sinfulness.

Indeed, what is our current course of action in reaction to the hardcore tyranny now upon us? Tea parties - the original namesake of which had means far different from the modern rallies across America. Modern tea parties require you to stand outside with people who are more or less agreed that the country is in ruin (or "about to be", in the case of many who know little of what the state of our country truly is), but the first tea party was protesting a particular tax on tea, an exorbitant and unreasonable tax, so the Boston Tea Party involved the active destruction of British shipments of tea in Boston Harbor.

Take a moment to think about the comparisons between the first tea party and the tea parties of today.

The reasons are the same, more or less, the goals are pretty close, but the method is the biggest difference. It was an impressive, economic blow to the monarchy and merchants of Britain to destroy their valuable property, and it was quite effective, as the despotic reaction from Britain further galvanized the people against Britain, and eventually, though quite belatedly, caused the repeal of the tax. Modern tea parties in the major cities, the ones with all the press, usually involve standing, sign holding, chanting catchy slogans and puns, making YouTube videos, and inviting career politicians to come speak and use all manner of patriotic key-phrases and key-terms to snatch as many votes as possible to ride on the unpopular coattails of the Democrats. There are no solutions or remedies in that, my friends.

Now, as you know, the legislature of my state of Kansas has just passed their version of the Firearms Freedom Act, which states any firearm made in Kansas is exempt from federal authority. This is good, but it is also somewhat humorous that no one makes firearms in Kansas. Reasonable gun laws are now within reach for Kansans, as the more locally minded Kansan legislature may now establish our own laws that will specify the regulatory authority of the government's place in the people's right to keep and bear arms

The Second Amendment is a big issue today, and there is currently a drive on the parts of many people right now to send Gadsden flags to President Soetoro and others to warn them that the people will not give up their guns willingly. This, in my opinion, is pointless. If we could have sent King George III a million Gadsden flags back in 1775, do you suppose he would have stopped his reign of terror? No, because tyrants only understand force. I think President Soetoro and his company are overjoyed that their grand scheme of subversion of all things American is being resisted by tea parties and mail-in campaigns. What a coup, indeed.

You may have seen the repeated showings of a clip of Soetoro denouncing Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh for being so "troublesome", saying that they're confusing people about the issues. This was an absolutely classic example of a not so easily recognizable trick for lessening the effects of unrest and dissolution, and that is to falsely prop up the weakest element of resistance as the strongest, thus enticing the people into supporting a failing plan of action. In this instance, Glenn Beck, who recently compared Thomas Paine to himself (no, not the other way around), is paired with Rush Limbaugh, who is the darling of the Spineless Puppet Party Republican Party; with their forces combined, they may take this nation back from those nasty-wasty Democrats and give it back to the freedom-loving, trustworthy, and moral Republicans.

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