Saturday, March 22, 2014

Straining at Putin, Swallowing Obama

What is this love of war?

Why are Republicans, in lockstep with the administration, urging our intervention to stop the democratic processes of Crimea simply because we disagree with them?  Some say Crimea was bullied into secession and annexation, as though Operation Iraqi Freedom was a grassroots movement of the people of Iraq.  Ukraine is in the midst of civil war, and Russia has the legal right, if not an obligation, to protect the security and stability of its borders and coastal waters.  And Crimea has the right and obligation to self-determine its course in surviving the turmoil.

The Obama administration decries the unconstitutionality of Russia's handling of the situation with Ukraine, as though the Euromaidan protests forcing the ouster of the president of Ukraine were legally conducted.

Yet American chickenhawks, none of whom are at all aware of the politics, historical or contemporary, nor aware of the legalities of the thing, are demanding we intervene.  To intervene at this point would be beyond naive, it would be monstrous and idiotic.  But, such is our culture.

Why are we so concerned with tyrants "over there" harming the rights of those "over there" when there is an entire city of tyrants sitting on our East Coast menacing our people?  These brave chickenhawks, with their chests puffed and their sabres drawn, demand war with Russia... the country which harbors the man who confirmed that our government spies on us illegally.  While we threaten war with countries who can hardly touch us, we hold tea parties for the terrorists in D.C.  If they mean to be consistent, let them advocate a military coup in our own country!  We strain at gnats and swallow camels.

Or rather... we strain at Putin and swallow Obama.

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