Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Rise of La Raza de Aztlan in America

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La Raza is a Mexican term that means "the Race"; "Aztlan" is a Mexican term that denotes the land Mexico claimed and lost to the U.S. during the Mexican-American War in the Mexican Cession, which was an area that ranged from northern California eastward to western Kansas, and southward to the northernmost parts of present-day Mexico, the cession of which basically formed the border we have today.

It is from this cession that come the modern claims that America 'stole' the Southwest from Mexico. Actually, Mexico only claimed this area, and had but a few forts, which were, in fact, outposts of an occupying force on Indian land. If there was any 'theft' afoot, it was the Mexican theft of Native American property. If you want to open the brass tacks box, Spain, France, and the Pope all claimed the area at one time or another, and I think Vatican City has as much of a case as Mexico does.

That said...

(I think I caught brief swearing, so be forewarned.)

(I cannot post the actual trailer, as it is rather disgusting.)

This is all about to boil over into something pretty horrible, I am convinced.

I have nothing against Mexicans, but I have a problem with Mexicans who have something against me. If you want to be an American and legal, I want you here, but if you want to be a Mexican, you already have a defined territory. I'm not an invader, I was born here. Eighty percent of Mexicans are of European ancestry, but only sixty-two percent of Americans are of European ancestry. Who is the 'nation of immigrants'?

Please, we just don't need a race war. We are all of the human race, and we need to respect our individual and national sovereignty.

More to come.


AdamS said...

They're doing the same thing over here with Muslims, playing them off against whites. Although not so blatantly...yet.

Mass immigration into the first world is part of the agenda to destabilise us and reduce us to third world status - under the UN/bankers' yoke like tribal warring Africa.

Son III said...

Right on.

I am feeling a little intimidated, myself, what with working in a predominantly Mexican warehouse. Thankfully, I've befriended enough of them to put being shanked in the parking lot out of my mind.

Viva La Migra! (<--- I actually yelled that once.)

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