Monday, August 20, 2012

Blogging Buddy...

At a Civil War reenactment last weekend, I met in person someone who has been following my blog almost from the beginning.  We haven't always agreed on everything, but who does?

Nice to meet you, Rebecca McClurg!

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Ho! For the Kansas Plains

"Huzzah for the prairies wide and free; Ho! For the Kansas plains;
Where men shall live in liberty, Free from a tyrant’s chains.
We will ask no page in story, Prouder than the spotless glory,
Of a land that gives her might To the battle of the right.

"Huzzah for the prairies wide and free; Ho! For the Kansas plains;
Where men shall live in liberty; Free from a tyrant’s chains.

"We spurn at the power and break the rod, Wreaking in guilt and crime;
We bow the knee to none but God, Maker and King of time:
And the brave will round us rally, From the mountain and the valley,
Till the skies with freedom ring, And the world shall hear us sing.

"Huzzah for the prairies wide and free; Ho! For the Kansas plains;
Where men shall live in liberty; Free from a tyrant’s chains.

"O sweet is the charm of rock and tree; Bright are the flowing rills,
Where we have roam’d in youthful glee, Over the eastern hills:
But we turn from all their beauty, To the call of truth and duty,
And we give our chainless might, To the battle of the right.

"Huzzah for the prairies wide and free; Ho! For the Kansas plains;
Where men shall live in liberty; Free from a tyrant’s chains.

"Tho’ far from the soil of Pilgrim fame, On the Atlantic shore,
Here we will build a noble name, Proud as our fathers wore.
And the far off Rocky mountains, With their flashing lakes and fountains,
Shall behold our glory spring, While the world shall hear us sing.

"Huzzah for the prairies wide and free; Ho! For the Kansas plains;
Where men shall live in liberty; Free from a tyrant’s chains."

~James G. Clark

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Playing Chicken, Playing House

Speaking for myself, I find the concept of homosexuality to be absurd and disturbing.  I am of the opinion that it is a route taken by those who have certain relationship problems/emotion-development abnormalities that arise from environment.  An environment that develops and encourages this abnormality will necessarily change abnormality to a seeming "normality" over time.   We've seen that happen over the past 60 years, and very little has been done to correct it.

Let me say this, it is not normal.  It is unobserved in nature, pseudo-scientific, ephemeral observations to the contrary notwithstanding.  It is pointless, non-productive, and, frankly, disgusting.

Now, as for homosexual unions being called marriage, the idea is preposterous.  Marriage is a specific institution, long defined by the Bible and affirmed by a cultural lineage from which I, for one, descend.

Children play "house."  Do they really run a household while playing house?  Of course not.  It is not really a house, and they are not truly fulfilling any supposed role in the course of the role-playing game.   The concept of the household is just pretend, not to be taken seriously by adults who understand what a household is and how it is run, no matter how well the children imitate the adults.  The game is usually over after a few minutes.

(Unless you've got the industrious kid who invents invisible currency or improvises barter and starts a business in the next room selling canned goods and toy cars, which wouldn't be successful, of course; there is no government in the game to make it so.  <--- Comic relief.)

The same situation occurs when homosexuals pretend to be married.  They all groan and whine about us not accepting them, the government won't legitimize them, and so on.  We throw them pacifiers with, "Well, I don't care what you do in private," which is true for me... unless I have to talk to one.  You see, I'm both a Christian and a normally functioning individual.  I have a normal understanding of life and a normal perspective on its ins and outs - culturally, emotionally, and historically speaking. 

I don't want to have anything to do with homosexuals.  Convince me why I should, if you think I am wrong.  Why would I want to have a conversation with a person who thinks those kinds of thoughts?  I don't even want to write about it.  I believe they have a right to engage in whatever sinful activities they wish, but I will continue to warn them, the wages of sin is death. 

Having the right doesn't mean it is right, and because something is wrong doesn't mean we should disallow them.  God will be the Judge, He sees and knows all of our hearts better than we ourselves do. 

I differ from many Christians in that I don't want the government to influence culture, even for the better; that is the place of the church, and transferring authority from the church to the government is not a scripture-endorsed policy.  I will fight tooth and nail for what is right in the Eyes of God, but I will do everything in my power to ensure the government is not involved in the process.

By adjusting the government to enforce my morality (instead of limiting it to constitutional powers only), I endanger my rights to my own life by legitimizing that illegitimate authority, and I weaken the power granted by God to the church and its individual members.  Government banning gay marriage is not a conservative position. Getting government out of the institution of marriage and returning its regulation to the church is the only consistent stance we can take, in my opinion.

 I don't want a government "in the bedroom" or the kitchen or living room, or anywhere else that I am making a decision about how I spend my time and with whom, just so long as they protect my and everyone's right to live my life as I see fit.

And I see fit to live my life for God, failings though I may have; I see fit to live my life with a sense of reason, lapses though there may be; I see fit to live my life respectful of others, wrong though they may sometimes be; I see fit to live peaceably, malicious as the world may be at times.

And finally, friends, I close with the question at the heart of this post. I ask you, what on earth does this subject have to do with chicken sandwiches?

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