Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dr. Carson Fails the 2A Litmus Test

The Second Amendment is my litmus test for a decent representative.  If one is not in complete support of the right of the people to keep and bear arms, he will not receive my vote.

I agree with him on many things, but for him to deny people the God-given right and basic human dignity of the freedom to keep and bear arms for their own defense and the defense of their state is to deny an essential truth about individual freedom.  Constitutionally, morally, and reasonably speaking, government has no rightful power to restrict a right simply because it may be abused or neglected.  That's... crazy-talk.

If he has misspoken to some major degree, I will give him space enough to correct and articulate his point - as it is, however, he does not have my support. 

H/T Hannah Jane

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Just... C'mon... It's Gross

Okay... I know this is mostly a politically-geared blog.  And I'm sorry to take up this space to complain about something so trivial, but I have to get this off of my chest.  And maybe it isn't as trivial as one may think.

I have to ask: is anyone else annoyed by child-birthing scenes from movies and documentaries?

It seems like most films set in the olden days, back when kids were cheap, someone will, at some point, have a baby.  It is inevitable. Especially in Christian films.  And it is all such an emotional plot element that evokes a sense of urgency and fear, but then we're all relieved and happy when it's over... because who in their right mind wants to hear a woman screaming?  Who wants to hear a baby squalling?  I mean, for crying out loud (no pun intended), it makes me want to pierce my eardrums with a stick! 

And... it's sick!  This is not entertainment!  I mean, would we want to watch an emotionally-charged scene of a cowboy out on the range trying to pull a tick off of his head?  It's just as natural, just as much of a relief...

Maybe the camera could be averted to only show his sweaty eyebrows as he strains to remove the bugger.  Maybe we could have some grunts and strained gasps in there, too... just for effect.  And then he can wipe-off his bloody hands on his handkerchief and pat his horse on the nose and everyone is all smiley and entertained. 


Am I being callous?  I think having kids is great.  I, for one, wouldn't be here were it not for the phenomenon.  But, really... this is not entertaining.  And for myself, it isn't even educational at all.  So why include it?  It's like a cliche.  No Christian western would be complete without someone giving birth. 

I need to be a filmmaker and just totally turn the Christian film industry on its head.

Maybe next time, I'll discuss the inevitable guitar solos in the middle of every. single. movie. as the protagonist comes to that lowest point of breaking... so touching... so predictable...

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