Sunday, August 04, 2013

Spirit of Independence

No two people will agree on every point; much less can a community of hundreds, as in a city, or millions, as in an American state, agree to very much of anything at all, to speak nothing of a country of over three hundred million.  Still, there is no doubt that there are certain things that are undeniable by reasonable minds.  Humankind manages to find unity, just occasionally, in matters of faith or ideals, especially against a common threat - usually a physical one.   I need not list the many occasions in our own, American history, such as the Pilgrim's first arrival to escape religious usurpation; the formation of united, independent states and their secession from the British crown; the ultimately doomed, yet no less viable Confederacy of the 1860s; the civil rights movement, etc.   These few examples are only some of the major, political movements still affecting us today - there are scores of lesser movements throughout the ages of people banding together in numbers of tens or thousands who pursued their happiness by "voting with their feet," so to speak, and accomplished that great principle of human action: to benefit themselves or their posterity.

I do not intend to dwell, as I am wont to do, on the reasons for our present state; you know, if you have been following for years or only the last couple of publications, that this blog is replete with apologetics on matters of faith and politics.  I feel neither the desire nor necessity to revisit the heinous, petty, obvious or else subtle offenses committed against those of the Christian and conservative-libertarian way of life.  You know the offenses and slights that have been perpetrated against us, and by whom they are committed.   The question is now put to us, as it has been for some time, "What can we do?"

I have asked that question, and I have been asked that question.  The answer, at the same time obvious and obscure, has never been acted on to any effective degree.  To be honest, I'm not sure there is a single answer that can be given to every person who wonders as to the course of action.  Of course, first and foremost, is our appeal to Heaven.  I have no need to inform anyone that our prayers have not been answered with a "golden ejection seat" boosting us above our problems, nor have they been answered with the earth opening to swallow up our adversaries.  Thanks be to God that He has assured us of inner peace now, in each heart and mind, if we continue in faith.  And that is no small or trifling thing!  We can brook any hardship by faith in Jesus Christ.  This life will one day be forgotten, and His people will live in glory forever.  I do not take away from this fact any more than providing sustenance for our bodies in the form of a meal or happiness by way of passing time with a friend takes away from the eternity that awaits us.  The fact is we live in a physical world that is being dominated, in one way or another, by evil and designing men - and we, knowing the truth and loving rather the things of God, would be derelict and hypocritical to ignore our purpose as the light of the world and the salt of the earth.   We cannot shirk this duty.

So, what to do?  I submit that we are to secede.  To declare independence.  Perhaps not geographically, but spiritually.  The spirit of servitude to an evil system pervades our lives in ways you don't notice.   We work for it, pay it worship, feed it, clothe it, and then, when it fulfills its purpose by our means, we scold it.   We are hypocrites.  What am I talking about?  Think about it.  What do you want it to be, yet what is it instead? 

We want a system that guards our borders, yet illegal immigration is an issue steeped in racial barriers, unnecessarily so, but to the point that no one is allowed to touch it without kid gloves.  The crime and social issues put our society on edge and damage our economy, yet the problem persists without real solutions.

We want a system that protects our national sovereignty, yet the foreign policy of this country destabilizes the world and causes more harm to our interests and security than it causes good.  We pay for endless wars and nation-building and are considered "unpatriotic" for opposing these policies.  We "support our troops" by voting to send more of them to die and be maimed, a rationale only a macabre alter-ego of Lewis Carroll could imagine.

We want a system that secures our rights as guaranteed by the Constitution, yet scarcely one of the rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights remains as yet uninfringed.  We make concessions and compromises that leave us bereft of not only the spirit of liberty but also the very stuff and pith of what we hold dear as a free society.

We want a system that respects our institutions, yet marriage, the family, our churches, education, entertainment, and our other cultural traditions are perforated with secularism, political correctness (falsely so-called), and offenses to our civil and religious ideals.

One issue, that I believe may be considered a stand-alone issue, is abortion.  The killing of a person before it is born.  This act is performed by institutions directly and indirectly funded by tax-payer money.  Tax-payer funds are a form of income that is somewhere between theft and extortion.  When used to fund public uses and common good, it is a bearable thing; but when our money is taken from us by force to pay for evil, insidious deeds, that is something no one should overlook or shrug off.

The list may go on ad infititum, ad nauseum, but I will come to my point.  We need to declare independence from this system.  We need to separate ourselves from the system that destroys what we are and what we believe.  I do not necessarily mean physical separation, but spiritual separation.  Get your head out of the noose.  Unlock your mind and escape the paradigm that makes you rationalize evil and enjoy apathy.  You know the difference between right and wrong.  You don't need to let other people and the mainstream or even alternative media make your decisions and opinions for you.  Think for yourself.  Read the Word of God and know righteousness.  Discover what it is to be human.  Humble yourself before God, and never bow to an earthly king again. 

Once we begin to loose our fetters individually, we can organize ourselves communally.  Churches, groups, movements... it doesn't matter where it starts or how it ends.  Just do it; that is all that can be expected.  And it should be expected.  We aren't cows to be herded or steers to be slaughtered.  We are made in the image of God - behave accordingly.  

"Duty is ours; results are God's"  ~John Quincy Adams

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