Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Kansas Openly Defies the Entire Federal Government

Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder sent a letter to Kansan Governor Brownback informing him that recent legislation in Kansas to exempt Kansan firearms from federal regulation would be ignored by federal authorities. Holder said that the State of Kansas could not stifle federal control over the business of the state, as per the overly-cited Commerce Clause of the Constitution. Now, Brownback wrote his own defiant reply, stating Kansas had no intention of being cowed by threats of litigation... but the letter sent by Kansan Secretary of State Kris Kobach is worthy of remembrance. I pray God helps the State of Kansas.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Heat of the Moment: Bane of the Rule of Law

Every irritation is magnified, every emotion is intensified, yet all passions are dichotomized into hatred for the disruptor and love for the state - this is an emergency.

I don't know why it is, but the American people seem to develop this syndrome anytime their peace of mind is disturbed.  It doesn't make sense, as it is no part of our American heritage to cling to the government to "save us," but even the most prominent "conservatives" seem to demand the state become empowered to keep them safe from all harm whenever there is a scary threat to their well-being. 

Extreme punishments, exaggerated descriptions, and the sacrifice of anything, no matter how tightly clung we were to it beforehand, flow from our cups like a waterfall of hypocrisy.  An hour before a crime was committed, we were willing to die to protect our freedoms and rule of law; when someone does die, though, it is "unpatriotic" and almost "treasonous" to not cut out the heart of your God-given rights on the altar of government.  It is as though the state, a demigod, requires a sacrificial offering to appease them enough to protect you. 

People, we are adults.  Behave as adults.  Reason as adults.

I am not going to appeal to the law, as I often do.  It has become my modus operandi, for the most part, to appeal to the law.  I mostly do that because it has recognized authority.  The foible of this is that the authority has only as much power as the people give it.  It is only authority because it is recognized.  The Constitution is just a piece of paper, and that is just fine with me; I have no affection for sheepskin; only the ideas and principles written on it do I appreciate.  And it is because liberal and conservative alike now pay the Constitution no mind that I must argue and reason only the merits of its principles.

I have no reason to argue my rights with anyone.  God gave them to me, they are mine.  They are not conditional or contingent on your opinion or mine.  It only matters that they are realized.

So when we see an emergency, such as the Boston bombing, it makes no sense from any perspective but that of tyranny that our rights are forsaken.  The warrantless searches of homes in Boston following the attacks produced no results except to humiliate the people of Boston, violate their rights to be secure in their houses, and generally terrorize and tyrannize the public.

There is no legitimate reason to ever forget your human rights.  Ever.

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