Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fly the Rattler Flag

These days, there are many things that physically unite people, as Americans; people that would otherwise never know of the existence of another. We are united in interests and endeavors, at least on one level or another. Other times, people are united only in ideology, though never fully knowing of the others existence; rarely recognizing another of like-mind.

A Roman senator once suggested decreeing the placement of white armbands on all slaves to tell them apart from the rest of the plebs at public events. You see, the slaves were not "race"-specific, so they looked just like anyone else.

The suggestion was soon dismissed by another senator, stating that the slaves would revolt if they saw how many of them there actually were.

I know that there is a great number, a very great number, of men and women that know the same facts as I, that interpret the facts the same way as I, and that deal with the facts the same way as I.

Could I recognize them on the street? Could I notice them at a distance? Could I know them by driving past their house, or simply by the appearance of their car?

In most cases, no.

But, what symbol? What emblem? What common color, or what unifying standard?

Why not one of the first unifying flags of this Republic?

Put it on your websites; make t-shirts; fly it outside of your home; just do something with it!

It seems that the dissenting citizens of America cannot get organized; let this stand for our organization. Let this banner serve as our unifying symbol.




May God save America, because we can't do it without Him.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Recent Poll Results

A unanimous vote for the independent states of Kansas and Oklahoma to join the Republic of Texas in the event of a secession, on the condition that the states retain total sovereignty, has been cast.
While this union of states is entirely hypothetical and, at least for now, just-for-fun, what would a plausible appellation be for such a political body?

My current thought would be for something along the lines of "The United Republics of Texas", but one must keep in mind that such a union would be for the benefit of the three states, and not just for Texas. Each state would contribute to the whole: Kansas being the main crop provider, as it is "America's Breadbasket"; Texas being the main oil and trade provider, as it is rich in "Texas Tea"; and Oklahoma providing... cool license plates.

All name suggestions will go into the next poll.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Don't Think She's In Kansas Anymore

Kathleen Sebelius, the Tyrant of Topeka; the F├╝rhrer of the Flatlands; the Sunflower Stalin; the woman who puts the "Wich" in Wichita has been appointed by BO to health secretary.

"Go, Pilgrim, and declare it from the gently rolling Flint Hills to the snowcapped Rocky Mountains, from the softly flowing Neosho to the raging Missouri; shout it from the summit of Mt. Sunflower, 'Sebelius is leaving Kansas!'"

Yes, Kansas' little Pookie has now been chosen by the Big O to be health secretary.

Did I mention she's for abortion?

Pro-murder, and anti-gun. Yeah... great health secretary. May God Save America.

Perhaps Kansas will get a semi-sane governor. Then again, perhaps we can rent out our ocean-front property on the east coast of Kansas.

Takers, anyone?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Do Not Remove Under Penalty of Law

I have been tagged by Stephen G.

A book I read: "The Book of Daniel".

A moment I will always remember: Getting a guy from the automotive department to give me my hunting license. *Whoo Hoo*

A new skill I acquired: "Magic fingers" on the Irish Whistle.

A movie I watched: Endgame

A lesson I learned: A goat's ability to escape "secure enclosures"*wink-wink* is greatly underestimated.

A new place I visited this year: Um, I don't think I went anywhere I'd never been before; does helping my brother's family move into his new house count?

An inspiring verse or quote: "The Bible is the Rock upon which our Republic rests." ~Andrew Jackson

I tag CarolineNot.

1. Fill in your memories of 2008
2. Link my blog to yours
3. Tag others and comment on their blog so they know they've been tagged :-)

Montana: The Firearm Freedom State

(Oddly similar to the Kansan flag)

Montana has been on the sunny side of the Second Amendment since it signed on to the U.S. Constitution when it became a state in 1889.

Most recently, it played a major role in the D.C. gun-ban Supreme Court case, with its legislature basically stating that they would consider secession if the Supreme Court ruled against the Second Amendment, since Montana became a state on the condition that the Second Amendment guaranteed an individual's right to keep and bear arms.

Now comes the news that Montana has a bill that has passed the Montana House of Representatives that would exempt all Montana made firearms in the hands of Montana citizens from Federal gun laws.

More and more we are seeing a new era in our country's history, a new state's rights era; an era that may prove to be the largest genuine movement of discontent among the states in America since the 1860's.

And it's about time, too! Now Kansas is suspending income tax refunds due to insufficient funds! Now is the time for the states to take back control for the people, the control guaranteed to them by the Tenth Amendment and the very nature of our form of government.

The full legislation may be read at American Memorandum.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Vexillogical Profile Picture

I get very sentimental over certain things like freedom, the Bible and God's teachings, individual liberty, the Constitution, America... raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens... and profile pics. (And brown-paper packages tied-up with strings; these are but a few of my most sentimental things.)

It was a difficult decision, but I have currently dropped my previous profile picture and replaced it with a little bit of a creative vexillogical artistry. Sort of. I guess.

New Poll

"Should Kansas and Oklahoma join the Republic of Texas in the case of a Secession?"

If you have a different answer, or if you have a comment on the poll, please give it in the comments box.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The UnUnited States of America

This is a simple map showing how many states have declared themselves a sovereign state and how many are planning such a measure.

I think we can just forget about California, though; it doesn't count. (Kidding!)

Kansas appears to be preparing legislation, much to my delight, as well as the rest of the central states.

There has been some discussion around my house about Kansas and Oklahoma joining the Republic of Texas in an alliance of states, since Texas has a greater GDP than many countries its size.

But what would such an alliance be called? The United States of Texas? The Texan Alliance of States? The Texan Confederation? The Republic and Commonwealths of Texas? The possibilities are endless.

For ten years, the Republic of Texas was a sovereign nation, the only state in the Union to previously be so. Its borders encompassed parts of Oklahoma and Kansas in its brighter days, as well as New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming, before Texas was annexed to the Union.

If or when the U.S. falls, will we have another secession era?
Most likely, I would say; what is questionable, though, is what factions will side with whom?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hillary Flexes the Golden Pipes

A classic moment of days long past:

Hill has found her inner Irish tenor.

Okay, Turkish tenor, maybe; no offense to Turks.

She should take lessons from this kid:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Look

I hope you don't mind, but I had a moment of discontent with my previous template; I found this one quite satisfactory and intriguing.

Hope you like it!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Appointing the Great Ones

Much humor can be found in the writings of the Greek philosophers, such as Aesop and Aristotle; they had a great deal of insight into the world of politics, since they had absolutely nothing else to do.

"We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office." ~Aesop

Someone once said that if Washington suddenly came back to life, he would sue us for calling him the "father of our country"; I tend to agree. If I didn't know of our country's very worthy and honorable beginnings, I would think that our country has always been a sinkhole of sin and crime.

I have come to the realization that if any one of the founders ran for office today, they would be laughed out of Washington, perhaps even detained for interrogation. They would probably even go back in time and apologize to Benedict Arnold.

At least we were a good country while it lasted.

We Fly the Rattler Flag

By Cashel MacCarthy

Through tempest, storm, and batt'ring wind the Rattler Flag has flown;
Though the cannon-shot and rocket-fire have tried her times unknown;
For, when e'er the seams of freedom need only be resown,
we fly the Rattler Flag.

Often, in the dark of tyranny, the butternut-banner gleamed;
Representing the colorful brightness of what the Founding Father's dreamed;
In '76, when asked, "What emblem?", an onlooking soldier beamed,
"We fly the Rattler Flag!"

The fife, the drum, the bugle's blast, generations have they spanned;
They often sound their fanfares for the glory of our land;
But, in the greatest patriotic spirit, stand we now so high and grand.
We fly the Rattler Flag.

The long-lasting motto of this banner says "Don't Tread on Me";
As long as we shall fly it, we retain our liberty.
For when e'er the tyrant strikes her, a fanged strike shall receive he.
We fly the Rattler Flag.

The Rattler's eye forever watching for usurping hands;
Be it from the coasts, the waterways, or America's own sands;
As the Rattler, watching ever, on the wall the watchman stands,
flying the Rattler Flag.

For God we keep our Rattler Flag afloat on His soft breeze;
For Him we stay the tyrant's hand, though our freedom tries he to seize;
For God we hold our country's honor. We prize our liberties.
We fly the Rattler Flag.

Once more unfurls the Rattler Flag, though doubtful for the last;
The drummer's rolled his ending beat, and the bugler's final blast;
Our last appeal is upon us now; our resort but to outlast:
we fly the Rattler Flag!

American Memorandum

It is becoming increasingly more evident that an upswing in noteworthy political items in everyday life will send a conservative blogger to sheer madness for lack of time and creativity.

It is also maddening to know that most of my countrymen know nothing of American politics or of the faith that those politics were founded upon.

Individually, one cannot be soundly aware of the despotic encroachments of the modern body politic and the evils thereof without a firm knowledge of its counter, a personal faith in the Lord.

The God of the Bible has had an
unmistakable hand in our country's creation, development, and maturity; though, as a whole, our nation has rejected Him, thus bringing about our immaturity.

It is during this time of extremes, in every part and portion of our lives, that the realization of the truly important things and endeavors become most evident.

The Internet has held an unparalleled role in realizing these things for those who understand what is currently at stake, and will continue to be a tool for making many aware of vital information.

It is because of this almost limitless source that I have created and maintained a few blogs, even radio program, all for the sake of outputting information.

Now, I have created yet another blog, with a
somewhat different format than those before it; I am now announcing "American Memorandum".

This newest blog, in my base understanding and ability, will be to document and comment on the legislation and tactics of the body politic that now menacingly stands before us as Americans.

But, near future events in my life will likely cause a down-shift in writing; as winter wains and spring approaches, so approach the endless projects and endeavors of life on the American Middle-West.

I humbly, yet eagerly invite anyone who wishes to join the now one-man crew of
American Memorandum, as it is a long and arduous task for one blogger alone.

If you would like to help document the inner-workings of the ever-increasingly socialist administration, then you can join-in and write for
American Memorandum; all are equally welcome.

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