Monday, March 29, 2010

Kansas House Passes Firearms Freedom Act

(Adapted from the Bleeding Kansas flag, "Admit Me Free".)

The Kansas House of Representatives has passed a bill, HB 2620, that, if passed by the Kansas Senate, will protect Americans' right to keep and bear arms made in Kansas.

Similar to the bills passed by Montana, Tennessee, Utah, Wyoming, and South Dakota, guns made from parts manufactured in Kansas will be entirely exempt from federal legislation concerning firearms.

I and others suspect, though, that this will fail in the Senate, as the recent passage of legislation from the House that would protect Americans from the highly controversial and unconstitutional magnum opus of tyranny, which is nominally "Health Care" but actually "National Triage and Illegal Immigrant Care", failed in the Kansas Senate, thus proving the Senate to be more leftist than its counterpart. Let us hope, though, for a win for Kansas and the rights of its people.

UPDATE: Passed. Commentary coming shortly.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Are you a Natural Terrorist?

Yes, the government loves blonds.

You see, having a specific people group as terrorists in order to institute otherwise immoral and unethical security measures doesn't really work. You have to make the public think the suspects could be anyone. The issue of profiling need no longer be debated, as everyone is a terrorist.

Now, if you will recall, as I do, our government has been begging blond-haired, blue-eyed people to blow up U.S. infrastructure, and they finally have their first recruits. Why, they even have little names for them, "Jihad Jane" and "Jihad Jamie". Waiting on Khalid Ken, now.

From 2008:

How amazing! Two years later, they have just what they need to justify the reports! And I'm sure we can put full faith and trust in former black ops, al-CIAda spook Mike Baker; if you can't trust a CIA operative who joins Glenn Beck in saying 9/11 truthers are possibly in league with al-Qaeda, who can you trust?

I mean really.

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