Friday, June 25, 2010

Where Are Our Men at the Border?

What will follow is harsh, and I intend it to be.

We Americans are shameful cowards and unfit to claim the title of a free and virtuous society. We are unfit to call this the "land of the free and the home of the brave"; that was the title of a people who earned and defended it. The American of that era is a species of humankind that is hunted and destroyed by those who see Liberty and Freedom as an obstacle in the way of their many agendas.

This nation has upheld its independence and sovereignty without question for generation after generation, defending itself, at times, at its very borders from the foreign invader; but now we have morphed into this most miserable, spineless, effeminate excuse for a people, and I speak specifically here of our men, and especially of our Christian men. Churches, when this nation declared itself to be, were the mainstay of our culture, and rightfully so; it is because of this that we became such a peculiarly successful country, rising above and beyond the limits set by pagan Rome and humanist Greece. Churches were also a kind of basic organizing and recruitment centers for the militias during the American Revolution, as the churches were the place of the common man, not the place for a man to make his fortune teaching of self-righteousness and an all-forgiving-ergo-all-overlooking 'god'.

In that day, Christian men knew their duty to defend their homes and families. One may say that it is not the place of Christians to be in politics, but, this argument of today's Christian Americans is the direct result of years of indoctrination that we are the mere 'little people', that the citizen is a spectator in the sport of politics, a direct contradiction of the original intent of the founders of this country to have a government run by the people, like an employee-owned business. American politics have been morphed into a complex and confusing pastime for scholars and the wealthy, as have taxes. But politics is a not 'spectator sport'. American Christians are not beholden to the Roman Curia, which was exclusively elitist, because the people are the 'higher power' (as the Apostle Paul put it) in American government, second only to the Constitution in supremacy. The 'officials' of government are beholden to the Constitution, then us.

But, politics are a digression from the overarching issue of this post, and that is that our national border is now being opened and criminals welcomed to this country by our President. Our President! You've heard the clip of Sen. Kyl saying President Soetoro admitted that he is 'holding the border hostage' as a bargaining chip in his amnesty program. Is that not aiding and abetting felons? Is that not treason? Arizonan parks are being closed and signs put up warning Americans to stay out due to ruthless foreigners, armed insurgents! And where is our Department of Homeland Security? Where are our troops, overseas fighting insurgents in other countries? We have been abandoned! You saw our congress applauding the Mexican president as he told us to infringe on the people's freedom of defense, and those who didn't applaud also didn't shout, "Shame!" at the outrage. We are by ourselves, my friends.

What, then? Have we not seen the reports of men already heading for the border, armed and ready to fight to defend the integrity of our borders? (Indeed, I saw Bill O'Reilly denounce them.) We should not only applaud them, but join them - Americans, united for the defense of our homes, going to fight for our country! Are we weaker than the Mexican drug cartels? Not by a long shot.

I plead with my fellow Americans to consider going to the border. How many are already there? We cannot know from watching the mainstream news. It is asking much to drop everything at home, leaving work to fight the foreign invaders, but did we not inherit the freedom of patriots who dropped their plowshares and shovels to take on their enemies? This is a legitimate cause for action, men. I have not yet decided what to do, myself, so I ask that a dialogue, at least a discussion of this be taken up among us.

Who must tell us to fight back before we do it? Who must play the part of Paul Revere? Does the war with Mexican drug cartels have to be in our own yards before we'll defend the border? Does the Sheriff of Pinal County have to stop begging our President and beg us to help him before we do?

Soccer games will not solve this, elections will not solve this, and our inaction will only exacerbate it. Shame on us for letting it get this far, all the more shame if we let it progress.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Mustafa Abu al-Yazid Killed... Again!

They've killed al-Qaeda's Number 3 again.

Well, actually he is Number 8 Number 3; alphabetically speaking, Abu Faraj al-Libbi, Abu Hamza Rabia, Abu Laith al-Libi, Abu Saeed al-Masri, Abu Yahya al-Libi, Saif al-Adel, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and Mohammed Sheikh Mohammed come before him in the list of people claimed to be Number 3 in al-Qaeda, and Abu Zubaida comes in at 9.

These terrorists - I mean really! We kill'em and kill'em and kill'em, and they just keep coming back. Oh, sure, we've captured them and they come back before, but it's the dead ones that are the most... troublesome.

I think it's time for another oldie-but-goodie poll. Last year's was a hit. Why not again?

Submit your suggestions for the best fake Muslim name in the comments section, and the poll will begin on the 13th of June, ending on the 19th. You don't win anything, and it's open ballot, so be bold.


Abidi-Abidi-Abidi Atz al-Fohqs


Barack Hussein Obama (Real Muslim name, sorry.)

Khomtu Jamaekhaman

Baezb al-Bin Bedi-Bedi Gutumi

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