Tuesday, April 29, 2008

An Article about Confederation

Our government structure is a Federalized Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy. The only form of Democracy involved is in the election process, where majority rule.

But note that we are a Federalized Constitutional Republic; we have a central federal form of government. These United States were not always so, though.

When the Declaration of Independence was written and signed, we were under Articles of Confederation.

Believe it or not, Confederate isn’t another word for a slaveholder.

It means a decentralized form of government, with no concentration of power; each unit of local Government has as much power as the next.

In the late 1780’s, when the Constitution was being written, one could say that there were basically two political parties: Federalists and Anti-Federalists.

The Federalists were those that felt not that the current government wasn’t big enough under the Confederation, but that it wasn’t strong enough to exist as a Union; it had no provisions for the collection of taxes, among other basic things.

The Anti-Federalists were those the felt that the fewer powers that a central government had the better, as the idea of “Americanism”, if you will, was the sovereignty of the individual.

Just so long as the government was in-fighting, they felt, the people couldn’t be oppressed.

As you know, the Federalists won, but with a few compromises with the Anti-Federalists.

The Federalists were against the idea of a Bill of Rights, stating that if an enumeration of an Individual’s writes were put into law, it might cause the Government to take any rights not enumerated.

Never the less, the Constitution was written with a Bill of Rights, (for what it was worth), and the Confederation ended.

Not another Confederacy sprouted up in America until 1861, but that died just five years later due to an overwhelming invasion by an opposing government.

You may have previously noticed a Confederate States of America flag on my blog header; I removed it because the C.S.A. is gone and I have an allegiance to the Constitution. But, I didn’t put up the current U.S. flag in its place, I put up a flag of 1770’s, as it is the flag of what America used to be.

The current flag represents the current state of affairs, as the flag changes with the times , and I don't like the current state of affairs.

I think I would prefer that we still lived under a Confederation, but who knows what it would have been like.

Never the less, I am an individual, free and sovereign, answerable only to the law of God and the law of this land, respectively. I neither owe, nor am I indebted to any state or governing body, past or present.

I support my Constitution, and pray God brings confusion on upon its enemies, be they peasant or prince.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Term

I’m sure you’re all too familiar with the term “Politically Correct”.

When one is Politically Correct, they go out of their way to make room for everyone and everything to be happy.

But, of course, it never really works, because someone always gets the boot in the end, (sometimes literally).

I feel I am ready to announce the new “PC” word: Patriotically Correct.

This term best describes someone so eager to be called “patriotic” that they would do anything.

To be Patriotically Correct, one would support and defend every word and action of an authoritarian figure regardless of legality or common sense. One would follow the red, white, and blue band-wagon off the edge of a totalitarian cliff.

One would give anything, say anything, do, make, print, wear, or uphold anything that some "Old Glory" monger says or does, just to be Patriotically Correct, almost to the point of near madness.

Far too many people are Patriotically Correct.

But, to be truly Patriotic, you must know and uphold the Law of the Land to the point of ridicule, because in a place such as America, the only things we have to lose are our rights

Lex Rex.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Gold Fevah

I plan to raise about a thousand dollars to get to Alaska, then start panning up some gold.

At the price of gold today, and calculating the amount of gold panned in a day, I shall have paid for my trip up there and back in a couple of hours.

I've seen people extract an ounce of flour gold an hour with simple equipment, so I figure I could buy a house in a few months of prospecting - if I find an adequate spot.

I don't think income taxes can be put on recreational gold panning, so I'll be in the pink...er...gold.

The rush is on!

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