Sunday, July 29, 2012

Romney's Quest for Power

The most solid argument I've heard for biting the bullet and voting for Romney is that we can hold him accountable.  Yep, we can hold his feet to the fire and make him do what we want.

Right.  I think the situation needs to be clarified, and some perspective needs to be given to this picture. 

You are voting for a man with whom you fundamentally disagree.  You are already losing.
You are voting to oust another man with whom you fundamentally disagree.  Obviously, you lost there, too.
If the majority of Americans cannot hold the current President accountable for the lies, deceit, illegal activity, and complete reversal on several, major issues, what makes you think electing a man who has already shown such tendencies will be any different? 

What are you going to do, make him pinky-swear?  Cross his heart?

Republicans will vote for Romney for a second term to keep the Democratic nominee out in 2016, I guarantee it.  Neo-conservatives and neo-liberals will laugh all the way to the White House forever if we don't grow a spine and figure out who we are as Americans.  In what do we believe? 

Romney has reversed his position on a lot of things, but one thing in particular sticks in my craw, and I don't even know what a craw is.  He has changed his mind on abortion.  Killing babies is not the kind of thing about which one changes his mind.  You either support it, or you oppose it.  There is no "changed my mind" about it, UNLESS he changed his ideals, principles, and beliefs to suit those who will grant him power.  Power!  The quest for power is what drives him?  Power is what motivates him?  Neither a godly nor a secular desire to improve the lives of his fellow Americans causes him to seek the Presidency; rather it is the raw, carnal desire for power.

When you hold a politician's feet to the fire, you are the only one who gets burned.  You must either accept or reject the man, you cannot do both, and it is nigh unto insanity to believe otherwise.

That is a frightening proposition; and that, my friends, is why I will never support Mitt Romney for President. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

If You Build It, He Will Say You Didn't

You cannot believe your own ears.  It's a fact, they're unreliable - well, that is, whenever the Presidentoid Obama makes a statement, something happens along the way.  From his lips to your ears to your brain, there is a disconnect from what he is saying to what you understand him to mean.

When I first heard about this, my jaw dropped.  I knew he was a communist, but I didn't know he would come out of the closet like that.  You see, to say, "If you have a business, you didn't build that, someone else made that happen," is to espouse a very basic, essentially communist ideal.  You are not your own, it took a village to make you, and you must give back.

BUT, he didn't say it.  At least, he says he didn't say it.  He says he meant that we have to stand behind business owners in order to bring prosperity.

It's sort of a mix of Eastern-mystic surrealist notions and communist party propaganda.  It's not really there, but if it is, the government should take it.  And by "government," I mean me.

And it is with that same logic and reasoning that I may say with impunity, "Obama is not the President."  And by that I mean we have to stand behind him to make him a President, because otherwise he is just an effeminate, spindly-limbed, fuzzy-headed ragamuffin. 

But I didn't really say that.  You didn't read that.  This was all an illusion... a vast, right-wing illusion...

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