Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rand Paul's Non-Racism

In a move that we should all have seen coming, the Left has created a major controversy from thin air to try to sink Rand Paul's image. In what I see as an attempt to get Conservatives to denounce the libertarian Paul, as opposed to the usual paradigmatic strategy of party-line division, they have falsified, misrepresented, and literally lied not only about what Rand Paul meant but also about what he actually said.

The headline on Wolf Blitzer's CNN interview with Paul stated, "Rand Paul Defends Views on Race," subtitled, "Would he have voted for 1964 Civil Rights Act?"

There is no 'dirt' on Paul; there are no closet-dwelling skeletons, no alcohol-induced scandals, and no birth certificate/college record debate. So, the logical thing to do, as a radical, Socialist Conquistador of American media and politics, is to make something up.

Sly In The Morning Blog: Rand Paul: Repeal Civil Rights Act
... "Paul might not be a racist but he's certainly making the most bigoted members of the tea bagger movement happy. Do you think any Wisconsin Republicans who claim to be tea party members will come out against Paul's purist positions?"

They are calling for Republicans and Tea Partiers to denounce him as a racist, when all he said was that (paraphrasing) he agrees with nine-tenths of the Civil Rights Act, and the part he disagrees with concerns opening the door to meddling in private businesses' affairs, which would possibly lead to shutting down the First Amendment. Like that hasn't happened.

Every arm of the media, left- and right-leaning, immediately jumped on this non-story of his non-racist views on the Civil Rights Act, saying he needed to explain himself, that he was in trouble, that he was drawing a lot of criticism. Well, he wasn't before you said he was.

And, in the end, it all goes back to the cult of racism in America, which they will never let die. Perpetuating the focus on multiple races negates the idea of the 'melting pot' of America. Why can't we become colorblind? Why can't America be defined by its borders, rather than the skin color of its citizens? Why must the Civil Rights Act be the rallying cry of Collectivism instead of Individualism?

More on this to come, I'm sure.

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