Saturday, May 29, 2010

¿Dónde Está la Partida de Nacimiento?

Even the thorough and discreet search of the President's pockets by a young, Mexican lad - the best in the business...

... could not produce tangible proof of his natural-born citizenship.

NOTE: Please pardon the use of the Dreaded Tongue in the title of the post, but it means, "Where is the Birth Certificate?" I'm not particularly fond of Spanish, as it tastes as poison in my mouth. Besides that, they put question marks upside down. That little booger hugging Soetoro is Calderón's son, and I think his name is Luis Felipe. He wants to grow up and be a corrupt moocher just like his pappy. Mexico wants to keep up a steady relationship with us, because they only have about 260,000 military personnel (which we mostly equip and train), compared to our 1.4 million. Mexico would have more, but they only have three Dodge vans with which to transport them.


RM said...

I like your style Son3 :D.........

But you are wrong.
Everyone knows they use Chevy Astros for their transportation......

Maybe Kansas amigos are different that Florida amigos.... LOL!

The Warrior said...

Far too funny my friend, far too funny. :-P

I was wondering why the heck you'd gone all espanol on me!

Son III said...

Well, RM, actually our Amigos drive Tahoes, TrailBlazers, and Avalanches.

Mucho dinero por las immigrantes, no mucho por los gueros gringos.

Warrior, I will always have a good reason for Espanolizing my readers. Always.

Thanks, men!

Rebecca said...

I just wanted to say that Spanish isn't a sinful language or anything. :) It has a bad connotation to some of us now because of illegal immigration and all that, but it's not a wicked language and there are Spaniards and Mexicans that are wonderful people.

Son III said...

I was just being jocular, as I'm sure you guessed. I know it isn't an inherently evil language.

Now, had I called the little booger who was hugging the big booger in the photo a racially charged epithet, that would be unfair of me. Since I'm not the kind to recognize color-based 'race', I am more inclined to recognize the U.S. borders and my language as the extent of 'my race'.

I'm not wanting to turn this into a defensive rant or anything, as I don't intend to be defensive, but I actually have a couple of friends at work whose first language is Spanish, and they are trying to learn English. I have, of course, also picked up a ton of workplace Spanish from them.

Since I have personally been taught Spanish by my San Salvadoran and Mexican friends, I can say without fear of bigotry that I dislike the Spanish language. Not only is it simplistic and lacking the grammatical structure of English, but it also has the opposite syntax of English. (Nouns come before adjectives, as in, 'Rio Grande', - 'River Big'.)

If you had to work alongside people who you can't understand, and who can't understand you, due to a language barrier, even to the point that you had to address them in the language of their country, for six months, I doubt you would have much more of a liking for the language than I do.

Or, maybe I'm just being difficult. :)

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