Wednesday, February 04, 2009

We Fly the Rattler Flag

By Cashel MacCarthy

Through tempest, storm, and batt'ring wind the Rattler Flag has flown;
Though the cannon-shot and rocket-fire have tried her times unknown;
For, when e'er the seams of freedom need only be resown,
we fly the Rattler Flag.

Often, in the dark of tyranny, the butternut-banner gleamed;
Representing the colorful brightness of what the Founding Father's dreamed;
In '76, when asked, "What emblem?", an onlooking soldier beamed,
"We fly the Rattler Flag!"

The fife, the drum, the bugle's blast, generations have they spanned;
They often sound their fanfares for the glory of our land;
But, in the greatest patriotic spirit, stand we now so high and grand.
We fly the Rattler Flag.

The long-lasting motto of this banner says "Don't Tread on Me";
As long as we shall fly it, we retain our liberty.
For when e'er the tyrant strikes her, a fanged strike shall receive he.
We fly the Rattler Flag.

The Rattler's eye forever watching for usurping hands;
Be it from the coasts, the waterways, or America's own sands;
As the Rattler, watching ever, on the wall the watchman stands,
flying the Rattler Flag.

For God we keep our Rattler Flag afloat on His soft breeze;
For Him we stay the tyrant's hand, though our freedom tries he to seize;
For God we hold our country's honor. We prize our liberties.
We fly the Rattler Flag.

Once more unfurls the Rattler Flag, though doubtful for the last;
The drummer's rolled his ending beat, and the bugler's final blast;
Our last appeal is upon us now; our resort but to outlast:
we fly the Rattler Flag!

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