Wednesday, February 04, 2009

American Memorandum

It is becoming increasingly more evident that an upswing in noteworthy political items in everyday life will send a conservative blogger to sheer madness for lack of time and creativity.

It is also maddening to know that most of my countrymen know nothing of American politics or of the faith that those politics were founded upon.

Individually, one cannot be soundly aware of the despotic encroachments of the modern body politic and the evils thereof without a firm knowledge of its counter, a personal faith in the Lord.

The God of the Bible has had an
unmistakable hand in our country's creation, development, and maturity; though, as a whole, our nation has rejected Him, thus bringing about our immaturity.

It is during this time of extremes, in every part and portion of our lives, that the realization of the truly important things and endeavors become most evident.

The Internet has held an unparalleled role in realizing these things for those who understand what is currently at stake, and will continue to be a tool for making many aware of vital information.

It is because of this almost limitless source that I have created and maintained a few blogs, even radio program, all for the sake of outputting information.

Now, I have created yet another blog, with a
somewhat different format than those before it; I am now announcing "American Memorandum".

This newest blog, in my base understanding and ability, will be to document and comment on the legislation and tactics of the body politic that now menacingly stands before us as Americans.

But, near future events in my life will likely cause a down-shift in writing; as winter wains and spring approaches, so approach the endless projects and endeavors of life on the American Middle-West.

I humbly, yet eagerly invite anyone who wishes to join the now one-man crew of
American Memorandum, as it is a long and arduous task for one blogger alone.

If you would like to help document the inner-workings of the ever-increasingly socialist administration, then you can join-in and write for
American Memorandum; all are equally welcome.

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