Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fly the Rattler Flag

These days, there are many things that physically unite people, as Americans; people that would otherwise never know of the existence of another. We are united in interests and endeavors, at least on one level or another. Other times, people are united only in ideology, though never fully knowing of the others existence; rarely recognizing another of like-mind.

A Roman senator once suggested decreeing the placement of white armbands on all slaves to tell them apart from the rest of the plebs at public events. You see, the slaves were not "race"-specific, so they looked just like anyone else.

The suggestion was soon dismissed by another senator, stating that the slaves would revolt if they saw how many of them there actually were.

I know that there is a great number, a very great number, of men and women that know the same facts as I, that interpret the facts the same way as I, and that deal with the facts the same way as I.

Could I recognize them on the street? Could I notice them at a distance? Could I know them by driving past their house, or simply by the appearance of their car?

In most cases, no.

But, what symbol? What emblem? What common color, or what unifying standard?

Why not one of the first unifying flags of this Republic?

Put it on your websites; make t-shirts; fly it outside of your home; just do something with it!

It seems that the dissenting citizens of America cannot get organized; let this stand for our organization. Let this banner serve as our unifying symbol.




May God save America, because we can't do it without Him.


Mike said...

Great Idea Son3!

"Beware of the thing that is coming".

God Bless,

Elm said...

That was a great post! It's true that finding real freedom lovers is becoming harder and harder to find. Wasn't that flag designed by Ben Franklin? Or am I wrong?

Son3 said...

Thanks, Mike!

Son3 said...

Thank you, Elm!

The analogy of the rattlesnake representing America or the Colonies is Franklin's idea, but Christopher Gadsden invented the Gadsden Flag, hence the name.


RightKlik said...

Good idea Jayhawker. You make a good point.

Son3 said...

Thank you very much, RightKlik!

People are too afraid to get together these days; afraid to be ridiculed, or to be "ratted-out" for some innocuous or another, such as the man that was investigated by the Secret Service for an anti-abortion/anti-Obama bumper sticker.

This way, people can be patriotic from a distance, and we're still almost as organized as a physical group.

Rebecca said...

I just have a few questions.
1.) What are we "grouping together" for, with this flag? (not that I'm against it, I just don't know what's it's for)

2.) Why are we making a union out of Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma? :)

(It's possible that I'm just not getting this because I'm not really a confederate.)

Son3 said...

Thanks for commenting, Rebecca, and those are really good questions.

While it represents varying things to various people, the flag is basically to represent that whomever displays it is aware and is against the anti-American attempts to subvert the Constitution on the part of influential people in government and public organizations.

The "grouping" is that of an outward sign of dissent.

The thing about the union of states is really a just-for-fun thing I started when the reports of states declaring sovereignty started coming in.

It's not a Confederacy thing, it's just a tongue-in-cheek demonstration of states' rights thing.

Rebecca said...

Ok. Thanks!

RGM said...

Great post Son3. That is why I have the Rattler flag on my blog. We should make a blog group/society of young men like us with the Rattler Flag as it's mark.
I think that might be interesting.


Son3 said...

Thanks, RGM!

Perhaps something along these lines:


RGM said...

Sounds great. I reckon everyone who wants to join should post the flag with the statement that they are part of the "Whatever we call it" blog association, and a link to the blog page. A link to all the associates should be on the rattlerflag.blogspot.com page, along with what we believe in general. Great initiative SOn3, and count me in :).


Son3 said...

While the blog I have there is just a working title, I think the idea is great!

Well, I'll see what I can do about scraping up a posse to set up an organizational platform.

Any help would be appreciated!

RGM said...

You got anything you want me to do?

Son3 said...

Well, do you think you could write up a platform concerning our official stance on the issues of the day? (This will, of course, be finalized later.)

I'll shoot you out an email to discuss a few ideas in detail later on.

RGM said...

Sure, I'll see what I can come up with. It would have to be reviewed by several people before becoming anything official, but I can get started on it. Do you have my email address?

Son3 said...


Mine is on my profile.

Thanks, BTW!

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