Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Montana: The Firearm Freedom State

(Oddly similar to the Kansan flag)

Montana has been on the sunny side of the Second Amendment since it signed on to the U.S. Constitution when it became a state in 1889.

Most recently, it played a major role in the D.C. gun-ban Supreme Court case, with its legislature basically stating that they would consider secession if the Supreme Court ruled against the Second Amendment, since Montana became a state on the condition that the Second Amendment guaranteed an individual's right to keep and bear arms.

Now comes the news that Montana has a bill that has passed the Montana House of Representatives that would exempt all Montana made firearms in the hands of Montana citizens from Federal gun laws.

More and more we are seeing a new era in our country's history, a new state's rights era; an era that may prove to be the largest genuine movement of discontent among the states in America since the 1860's.

And it's about time, too! Now Kansas is suspending income tax refunds due to insufficient funds! Now is the time for the states to take back control for the people, the control guaranteed to them by the Tenth Amendment and the very nature of our form of government.

The full legislation may be read at American Memorandum.


Stephen Boyd said...

Hey Dylan:
Sorry for not dropping by as often!
The new blog looks awesome!!!
I'll have to check out some of their stuff!

Montana, I believe, is the only state to have ever elected a member of the Constitution party to a statewide office.
Lots of nice hidey-holes in Montana if the going gets rough!

Keep up the good work!

Son3 said...

Thanks, Stephen!

Montana is going to be part of FA when the "fireworks" start, I'm sure. (FA - Free America)

So are Texas and Alaska, if foreigners don't get to them first.

Stephen G. said...

I tag you! (-:

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