Sunday, November 04, 2012

Whims Du Jour

"If a woman doesn’t want to be pregnant or bear a child, she has a complaint that’s deeply psychological and deeply physical—at least as physical as gallstones." ~Virginia Heffernan, in an article for Yahoo! News

So, every person on earth started-out in life with the medical worth of a gallstone?  This woman, Virginia Heffernan, lacks some basic medical/biological understanding of what human life is

The great statesman and prolific OB/GYN Dr. Ron Paul once said, “As an O.B. doctor of thirty years, and having delivered 4,000 babies, I can assure you life begins at conception. I am legally responsible for the unborn, no matter what I do, so there’s a legal life there. The unborn has inheritance rights, and if there’s an injury or a killing, there is a legal entity. There is no doubt about it.”

No matter how many cells a person has comprising their physical self, no matter the age, no matter what their disposition, all people everywhere deserve the equal protection of law.  The unloved and the unwanted deserve the protection of their life by law as much as the loved and the wanted deserve it, perhaps more so.  It is because of the tendencies in people to be cruel toward the powerless that we live in a republic, where the rights de jure of the individual person take precedence over the majority's whims du jour.


Hannah Jane Graveling said...

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