Thursday, May 14, 2009

Suspect Surrenders, Then is Brutalized

The punk led a high-speed chase, then bailed, trying to run in his gang-banger clothing (loose shorts, untied shoes), eventually seeing that he'd run out of options.

Knowing his spree was over, he did the right and manly thing, giving up without a fight.

The cop, though, had other ideas.

You see, he is so hyped-up on adrenaline that he can't help but unleash his primal instincts to kill his prey (as well as unsheathe his not-so-primal handgun).

After clearly kicking the man in the head with his (probably steel-toed) jackboots, he maces him, though this is not visible in the above version of the video.

As the other predators arrive to get their licks in, which involves hyper-extending his arms and driving their knees into his back, they show mercy on the man by not loosing the hound of war they brought with them.

In order of the highlights appearance, here's the timetable of the video:

0:12 Man bails the vehicle.

0:33 Man realizes his only option is to surrender.

0:37 Man assumes the spread-eagle stance of submission.

0:40 Cop appears, gun drawn, charging the motionless suspect.

0:41 Cop kicks the man in the head.

0:56 Second cop appears as first cop arrests the already kicked/maced suspect/victim; both manage to drive their knees into the man's lower back.

0:59 Second cop back-hands the suspect repeatedly as first cop hyper-extends his hands over his head, something that was not meant for a human arm to do.

1:00 Third cop brings a mentally-mistreated police dog to eat the man in case he manages to escape the police.

1:02 Third cop allows the warhound to bite the man on the leg, even though he is clearly in custody.

1:04 Second and third cop congratulate each other in a job well done.


RGM said...

Aren't you glad those "civil servants" are keeping us safe? Policemen are fed propaganda continually, trained to believe that they are the heroes of "justice" smackdown style. And on whom? Everyone they deem non"law abiding". Now, I am far from an anarchist, or one who disagrees with law and order, the problem is, in the police state today you are guilty untill proven innocent.

I was pulled over at Yeehaw Junction when I just started driving back in Fla, and I stepped out of the car (not realizing I was not supposed to) and immediately the cop pulls his tazer and starts screaming to get back in the car!

I was pulled over because he ran our tags at a red light, and he deemed us "suspicious". We were totally legal however. I'm sure the Ron Paul bumper sticker, and the "Less Taxes, Less Government" sticker with the battle flag on it had NOTHING to do with my getting pulled over LOL!

Son3 said...

Ooh, I cringed at that!

Oh yes, your bumper-stickers probably made him think twice before he pulled you over... "Should I deploy the taser or the night-stick?"

Thanks for the comment!

Rebecca said...

Are you sure the policeman had steel-toed boots, or does it just sound better that way?
Also, (although I'm not denying that the story is true), do you think that this is how policemen usually treat their captives, or do you think this was an exception to the norm?

Son3 said...

Thanks for the comment, Rebecca!

I've known police to wear steel-toed boots in many cases, so I merely assumed he did; because I wasn't sure, however, I qualified the sentence with "probably".

I really don't know the norm, as I'm not that involved with law enforcement policy or practical application thereof, but I do know that this is a trend that has increased in severity over the years.

Out of the many thousands of cops there are, I know the percentage of errant officers is quite small; nevertheless, this sort of behavior must be reprimanded to prevent it from becoming the norm.

Rebecca said...

I did talk to a friend of ours who has done some work with the police, and he said that the reason (RG) that you got the taser pulled on you was for the safety of the policeman. There have been cases that a car gets pulled over and the driver gets out with some kind of weapon.
Also, with the punky dude, are you sure he wasn't trying to escape? This same friend also said that there have been some debated videos where it looks like the policemen are abusing the suspect when they're actually trying to keep him from escaping.

Not to say that you guys are dead wrong, but I would be careful of how you slam the police force. I don't think they're trying to be mean just for the sake of being mean.

In Christ,

Son3 said...

Rebecca, I totally understand where you're coming from, but I think there's some misunderstanding here.

I'm not slamming the police force, not at all; I'm slamming the policemen seen in that video abusing that man.

The guy was a criminal and needed to be behind bars for his previous crimes; it is a flaw in our justice system that such a criminal is free.

However, when police decide that they can deal out their vigilante justice in someone's backyard or in a prison cell or detainment facility, that is a flaw in our law enforcement system.

The wording of this post was chosen carefully so as not to generalize police brutality; I tried to make it an individual and isolated case.

But, since the subject of police brutality in general has been brought up...

Videos (they will be provided in an upcoming post) have been appearing lately showing policemen overstepping their bounds just to show their authority over whomever they have a personal grudge against.

Children being manhandled, media personnel being assaulted, misuse of a potentially deadly weapon, and wanton disregard for the safety of citizens in car-chases are now commonplace.

In the last point, which was the pretext for the man in the above video, shows the poor policy of engaging in car-chases inside city limits.

No criminal will just stop and give up while he still has a supposed chance of escaping pursuing police.

He will go faster, turn harder, go against traffic, putting people's lives at risk, and the police will do the same.

If the police would not follow, there would be fewer instances of bystanders being hit by fleeing suspects.

Strategic placement of police cars and helicopters ahead of the suspect would be much safer than causing him to feel the need to speed; even just getting plate numbers and a description of the suspect would be enough for later apprehension, as this has caught many assailants in the past.

In some cases, certainly, this might not work, but it is not a good policy to always engage in high-speed chases.

Now, if the man in the video had killed three of his five wives, such as has been seen recently in the news, perpetrated by a cop, I might not have been so rabid to criticize.

But, that's just me; that still doesn't make it right.

The man in the video didn't harm anyone in the chase, thankfully, so what is the justification for beating him?

He wasn't trying to escape; that can be clearly seen in the video.

If a criminal thought he would be severely beaten and manhandled if he surrendered, would he surrender?

Would this guy have given up if he knew all this would happen to him?

In my opinion, it's poor policy to beat on a man that is spread-eagle, not to mention cowardly.

CarolineNot said...

According to the news anchor on this HD film -- -- the second officer on the scene gave the man several kidney blows with his baton. I'd questioned in the film you posted here whether or not the dog bit the man, because I didn't see his leg flinch. In the HD film, the man clearly and quickly draws in his leg; something the dog did prompted that reaction.

Only today did I see any films of this incident, because brutality by those charged with "protecting and serving" makes me physically ill. I'm aghast at the force of that pointy-toe (steel or no) boot to the man's head, while he's lying there perfectly still and spread-eagle. If I'd done that to someone, I'd be in jail where I'd belong.

At least three men in this film should be incarcerated. Are all three under arrest? The criminal on the ground was brutally assaulted by two criminals standing. It's a disgusting display of evil. Has there been a public outcry, or will this be swept under some filthy rug?

Son3 said...

No policeman is under arrest, and the internal investigation "vindicated" their actions.

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