Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Am a Native American

Something that has been on and off my mind for a couple years now is the fact that I am a native American.

I am 1/32nd (or so) Cherokee, but does that make me any more special than any other American?

What if I was a full-blooded Cherokee? Would I be entitled to any special treatment from others?

I accept any reward for something over which I am not in control. Any man that relies upon his father's or grandfather's or great grandfather's position in life, be it by skin or upbringing or medical condition or country of origin, for treatment above that of another does not deserve the respect others. Nor should any man be treated any lower for the same.

No man is "predisposed" to do or be anything that he or God allows him to be or do.
No man is predisposed to be an alcoholic, to be smarter, slower, reach high position, to have a poor work-ethic, or be forced to do something against his will and without just compensation. This is what is meant by, "...all men are created equal."

I am a native American.

Many people have legitimized illegal immigrants by saying that "we are a nation of immigrants", and that even the founders of this country were immigrants.

Were they?

George Washington: born in Colonial Beach, Virginia.
John Adams: Braintree, Massachusetts.
Thomas Jefferson: Shadwell, Virginia.
James Madison: Port Conway, Virginia.
Samuel Adams: Boston, Massachusetts.
Patrick Henry: Studley, Virginia.
John Hancock: Braintree, Massachusetts.

On a quite separate list we have Son3, who was born in Illinois.

I was born in this country, and I am granted certain rights, the same as any decent human being, by God; I am guaranteed them by the Constitution of the country in which I was born.

Every human on earth is given certain inalienable rights, the degree of freedom of the individual man is determined and gauged in the use and the defense thereof.

No human is guaranteed good government, and the degree of freedom of the individual nations is determined and gauged in the permission of rights, given by God to man, that are reigned in by government.

I inherited a good government, but it was hijacked by corrupted men long before I was born; the country I read about in my text books exists only in those textbooks, now.

I have resigned myself, for the present time and near future, that I will have a destructive government for a good many years to come; only God and righteous men may make our land a free nation once again.

I am first and always a citizen of God's Kingdom to God and other such citizens, the precious citizenry of which lasting longer time; I am a citizen of the United States of America to the government of the same and other such citizens, the citizenry of which lasting only as long as the government stands; but, I am also a citizen of America to myself and the land on which I was born and to other such citizens, the citizenry of which lasting as long as this earth remains unscorched and intact by the mercy of God.

Governments come and go, but the land and those on it never leave; so as long as I am on my country's soil, I retain all rights granted to me by law, the Constitution, all legislation to the contrary notwithstanding.

I am told by God to obey the higher powers, to obey the law, which is the Constitution; and, since the law in this country was never meant to be temporarily instated, I will continue to uphold its God-inspired sovereignty, paying no heed to the power-mad oligarchs who may subvert it by unlawful means.

It is my duty as a native American.


Rebecca said...

I think when people say that we are a nation of immigrants, they are talking about people like Captain John Smith and the pilgrims that first came to America. They immigrated from England. George Washington, John Adams, James Madison, etc. descended from those immigrants. Other people have come from different countries besides England, and we come from them. If there were no immigration, there would be no America.
The true founders of the country (those who came first) were immigrants.

Son3 said...

Very true, but what country cannot be called a nation of immigrants, then?

England itself was first populated by men from the mainland of Europe, and Europe was first inhabited by an unnamed group from Asia, which was itself subjected to the travels of the direct descendants of Adam.

I suppose the only place left un-immigrated is the Garden of Eden!

AdamS said...

I guess the term "Nation of Immigrants" is subjective. From a Renaissance-era English point of view, America would be seen as a land to which people from all across Europe were travelling to, so the name probably stuck from as far back as then.

Funny, because Britain has always had many immigrants at any one time - Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, French, and in the last century many from African and Eastern regions. We are home to two million ethnic Muslims, and half a million Poles, to name a few. English is a hybrid of Celtic, Norse, French, Latin, Germanic languages etc...we are a nation of immigrants too. Who isn't?

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