Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pastor Attacked at UnConstitutional Checkpoint

I've posted this story before, but the second video is the actual event described in the first video, something not previously available.

Please watch both videos.

The second video contains footage of an unarmed, unresisting pastor being tased in an enclosed vehicle, so be forewarned of violence and screaming due to electrocution.


Rebecca said...

Wish I had a different filter. I would watch most if not all of these clips if my filter would allow for it! :)

Son3 said...

Well, that's odd!


CarolineNot said...

Uh, Rebecca, be glad you can't see this film. Having taken the plunge with the last one, I decided to go ahead and watch this one. I had to stop it when it was less than half viewed; it's not fit for viewing at least by women. We should recoil at, and shun, scenes of evil of any sort.

And I have to ask again if the criminals in this film are awaiting trial.

Son3 said...

No Border Patrolman has so far been incarcerated.

NobodyofValue said...

Scares me a lot honestly. I am scared I will end up in a situation with an abusive "authority" figure. I know my rights, and am a man. I am also a man that will stand up for myself. Since the Army and V.A. blew me off, it's almost only a matter of time til it happens to me, and I won't have the V.A. support needed to keep me out of jail or assist me. (Was cut from 3 heavy medications cold turkey and released from the military. lol, the warnings on the label say "Do not quit without lowering dosages first." LOL LOL LOL... but hey, deny the vets that need help, it saves the govt. money, and the legal system can house them and deal with their war related issues.

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