Monday, May 18, 2009

Suspect Surrenders, Then is Brutalized II

Here is a better version of the video previously posted here:

It is clear to see that the guy is a knucklehead, and his peers should have smacked him upside the head for behaving and... looking like that, that is, if they didn't act and look the same.

Yes, he is a punk, but his prison culture is fed and nurtured by those evil souls who administer the gang tattoos and sell the ratty clothing to these kinds of people, wouldn't you agree?

That is why I find this the most odd circumstance of all: the cop that kicked him in the head owns a clothing store named "Torcido Clothing", which is Mexican for "imprisoned".

The store guarantee:
"Torcido Clothing™ features some of the hardest authentic jail house threads for the streets. Straight from East L.A..."

The features of some of the shirts sold:

11550: CA Health & Safety Code; Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance Any Illegal drug, such as Cocaine, Meth, Heroin

GREEN LIGHTERS: When the EME puts a gangsters name on the "hit list" to be assaulted or killed.

MEXICAN MAFIA HAND: The original drawing listing the Mexican Mafia members who wore this tattoo logo.

The source of this info is Gun Rights Examiner, and I got the link from Liberty's Teeth, a blog I frequent and endorse.


Rebecca said...

Gross looking kook! Why would anyone want to do that to themselves?

Son3 said...

1) Peer pressure

2) That's life in Mexico

3) Satan is in control of his life

That about covers it.

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