Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Provocateurs Pollute Protests, Posing as Peacful 'til They Pelt Police; Plus, Punks in Plymouth Plan to Pummel People with Plastic Playthings

(Preface: nothing here is April Fools stuff; I hold myself to a higher standard than that.)

The G20, an internationalist attempt at creating all the conditions and setting all the precedents of Global Governance, has its share of protests in Britain.

As you probably know, the protests are in full swing; and I say, "Right on!"

Because here's the thing, while I'm not an anarchist, which some of the protesters may be, I stand for the well-known saying, "Government governs best which governs least."

So, of course, I am absolutely committed to the permanent adjournment of any form of world government or even a semi-permanent international assembly.

I am therefore with the protesters on this one, as humans are endowed by their creator with the inalienable right of assembly and the right for a redress of grievances.

Now, to the meat of the issue.

It is no secret or "conspiracy theory" that the government, be it Great Britain, the U.S., or Canada, is against any protests and will do anything to stop them.

It has been thoroughly documented that there are, planted amongst the crowd, "agents provocateurs".

These are police or other governmental entities that have disguised themselves as protesters for the purpose of provoking violence from the crowd, though in some documented cases they simply gathering intelligence on who it is that is organizing and comprising the protests; they also have the purpose of demonizing the actual, peaceful protesters, who are then assumed to be violent by the media, who then demonize their message.

Provocateurs are being increasingly found out, such as was the case with the SPP protests in Canada, and the DNC protests in Colorado.

In the SPP's case, the protesters realized that the masked men throwing rocks at police, attempting to instigate a riot, were indeed policemen themselves, and thus tried to pull off their masks and expose them as such.

The provocateurs then sidled up to the police line and whispered a few words to one of the police in riot gear, who then "arrested" them and took them out of view.

The people exposing this outrage were called liars and conspiracy theorists for saying this, until the videos came out proving it.

In the similar case of the DNC, the Denver Police Department later admitted that they were indeed policemen, and it was all a planned operation.

Didn't hear that in the news, did you?

I would include the raw footage of the SPP protest which is available on YouTube, but it contains brief language; this news report will suffice:

This is what to expect from the G20 protests, undoubtedly.

The police have already "uncovered a terrorist plot" against the G20 in Plymouth.

This plot was set to be so devastating that they had to bring in bomb disposal experts to disarm the plotters.

The five people, three men, aged 25, 19, and 16, plus two women, both 20, were apparently planning to raid the G20 with their expert knowledge of firearms and explosives. They are being held on terrorism charges.

Actually, that was yesterday's news, as it has since been discovered that their "arsenal" consisted of plastic cap-guns, and their "explosives" were actually fireworks; not to mention the "extremist material" which was also confiscated turned out to be writings "relating to political ideology".

This is sad, people.

So, please, whenever you see violent political protests, don't be so quick to judge the protesters there, because they may just be hijacked by policemen provocateurs.

(NOTICE: The moderator would once again wish to assure the reader that nothing in this post has anything to do with the antics of April 1st. The moderator does not advocate violent protests, as that's poor delivery of one's message. Neither does the moderator advocate storming meetings with cap-guns, as that really doesn't do anything, and fireworks are just pretty; except those stupid, boring snakes that don't make any noise or do anything but inflate into giant lengths of ash. That's probably what the Plymouth Plotters had for explosives, anyway: boring snakes. Sometimes cap-guns can be dangerous, as the little red strips of paper can catch on fire, causing copious amounts of smoke that can get in your eyes and nostrils and can be irritating. Actually, I just wanted to use the word "copious". There is also a strong smell of sulfur in the air that is sometimes appealing, as it smells like victory, especially when fighting imaginary Indians; though, it does nothing to bankers. "Mercy! They have cap-guns and fireworks! God Save the Queen!"

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CarolineNot said...

Your "Notice" cracked me up.

Don't be mean to me. Let me enjoy my snakes, a wonder to behold.

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