Saturday, April 04, 2009

In Other News...

Headline from the Telegraph:
"G20: Gordon Brown Announces 'new world order'"

Headline from AOL News:
"G20 leaders pledge $1.1 trillion to usher in 'new world order'"

Headline from Globe and Mail:
"G20 ushers in a 'new world order'"

Headline from Gold News:
"The G20's New World Order"

Headline from The Independent:
"G20 summit: New world order?"

Headline from Bankok Post:
"Massive G20 spending to usher in 'new world order'"

Hey, I think I'm seeing a trend...

From Newstrack India:
"G20 leaders pledge 1.1 trillion to usher in 'new world order'"

From The Zeleza Post:
"The G20 Summit: Stalling a New World Economic Order"

"Nigeria: G20, Global Recession, New World Order And the Country"

From CNN Money:
"G20: Shaping a new world order"

From The Scotsman:
G20 analysis: A new world order - built on shaky foundations"

Definitely seeing something - not quite sure what it is, though.

Maybe Anderson Cooper and CNN would give us a clue as to what the big deal is:

Hm, a little unclear.

Ooh, Henry Kissinger, could you give us a run-down on whether or not there is a New World Order?

Oh well, I guess it was just a theory after all.


Mike said...

I don't doubt that a NWO is something that politicians strive for, but personally I don't think that they could pull it off, at least not in our life time.


Son3 said...

You might be right, but this is certainly the generation upon which they shall attempt to bring it into the open political scene.

They've tried and failed for about 200 years to put this in place, so we can at least hope that it will fail again.

Hide and watch, shall we?

CarolineNot said...

G20 Draft Communiqué:

"15. We recognise the importance of ensuring our domestic regulatory systems are strong. But a globalised financial system also requires much greater consistency and systematic cooperation between countries, based on high and internationally agreed standards. Future regulation and supervision must promote transparency, guard against systemic risk, dampen rather than amplify the financial and economic cycle, reduce reliance on risky sources of financing, and discourage excessive risk-taking.

Regulators must ensure that their actions support market discipline, avoid adverse impacts on other countries, including regulatory arbitrage, and support competition, dynamism, and innovation in the marketplace."

This sounds global and current to me. While the bits and pieces of the communiqué may not currently have the pen-to-paper authorization of the Congress, they've thusfar been penning all the building blocks with abandon and seemingly void of conscience.

Will there be a change of hearts? If so, will it come as quickly and thoroughly as has the means of destruction?

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