Monday, April 06, 2009

51: The Numerology of Democracy

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.
Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!" ~Benjamin Franklin

The seething delight among Luciferians, Gnostics, and the like towards certain numbers, as well as the frothingly excessive emphasis at their use, might cause one to look at numbers differently at times. Supposedly sacred and held to be invaluable to their systems and calculations of daily life, Numerology is the life-force of occultism, itself the life-force of certain controls over the people.

From the Greek "demos" meaning "people", Democracy is that loose, umbrella term denoting that political power is invested solely upon the whims and opinions of the day, usually without thought to the future or to the grander scheme of things.

Contrasted with the many other rules of law, such as our own Constitutional Republic, Democracy is the ever changing, formless, spineless, lawless mob, with only the ideals of the day to guide them sheepishly into whatever hold the dogs run them.

There is one thing to Democracy that holds its amoeba-like mass together: a specific number.

The Luciferians have their 13; the Freemasons have their 32 and 33; still other cults hold doubles, multiples, and infinite other calculations to be of utmost importance; but, what has Democracy?

The sacred number of the masses is "51".

51 out of 100 is all the mob needs to be satisfied in its otherwise frantic flight to destruction.
51 is that one, fateful number that has been the downfall and destruction of empires.
51 is the ancient interpretation of freedom, falsely so called, when it really meant the enslavement of the few by the many.
51 is the number that stands at the crossroads, deciding the path to take, though usually both paths end in utter misery for its travelers.

51 is the first degree of Democracy, the first number of majority, the number that decides to jump the hurdle, over which leaps the monstrous horde of a panicked society, neither knowing nor caring whether it is a grassy plateau or a sheer cliff onto which they are leaping, only wanting to keep running for fear of being trampled by others behind them, or of being caught by whatever is chasing them all.

This is the number behind Democracy.

But, what of Republics, a form of representation of the people?

In our own case, ours is a Constitutional Republic, meaning that the people are represented in an assembly, while still being held and restrained by a mutually agreed set of laws.

This slows the pace at which the people run, allowing us to look back and discover that we aren't being chased by anything we cannot conquer, as it is usually the very men supposedly representing us doing the chasing.

With none other than God's limitless assistance, we have used our system almost flawlessly for over two centuries; but our Constitution is now virtually unused, no longer binding and restraining the representatives of the ever increasingly speeding crowd.

This economic crisis, due to the government's disuse of the Constitution and the free market system, has caused us to use the "all-powerful" number 51 again.

We are becoming a Democracy, and we are going to accept whatever it is that will take us over the economic hurdle, no matter what lies ahead of it.

Our representatives are shouting that it's too late to think, that we should just jump before it is too late: just trust them.

Our Constitution says that we should stop running, turn around and take the path we were supposed to take in the first place. Or, perhaps, blaze a new trail.

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate,
tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." ~Samuel Adams


Elm said...

That is a great Sam Adams quote. Strange how it was used over 200 years ago, yet it is valuable even in these trying times.

Son3 said...

Thanks for the comment!

Yes, it is strange, but maybe not.

We were so blessed to get incredibly wise men, led and inspired by God, to found our country.

Not everyone can say that.

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