Sunday, March 29, 2009

Appropriate Appellation

You've probably heard the uproar about them changing the name of the building replacing the Twin Towers from "Freedom Tower" to "One World Trade Center".

Why is there such an uproar?

Other than the fact that the word "Freedom" is now a "double-plus ungood" word, the arrangement of words in the new name might just pass by some people.

Glenn Beck and others are angry because they liked the term "Freedom Tower", and because they only changed it to be more marketable; but, what appears to have slipped right by them is the new name!

Let me spell it out, just in case you didn't quite make the connection the first time: One World Trade Center.

They've already begun using the term "1WTC", as that's more acceptable than it's true, full, blatant name of "One World Trade Center".

"One World" is, of course, one of the many terms used by the CFR, Bilderburg, Trilateral Commission, and others in reference to "World Government", also known as the "New World Order", "New Order", "World Order", and "New Economic Order", "New International Order", "Internationalism", and "The Tower of Babel".

(The latter term mostly used by its opponents; opponents being those who wish to mantain national and individual sovereignty over a globally integrated society run by a handful of elitist Eugenisists. The moderator of this blog wishes to be listed among the men who stand for nationalism; not for physical nationalism, such as those who would exclude fellow countrymen due to their skin tone or earlobe size, but a ideological nationalism. Ideologies such as Freedom, Liberty, personal responsibility, independence, decentralized government, checks and balances, national sovereignty, armed citizenry, strong-but-distanced military, citizen police, accountibility in civil servitude, responsible and lawful bylaws, and respect for the Law of the Land. If you are not for these things, may posterity forget that you were my countrymen.)


Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...


Elm said...

I hate that name. One World Trade Center sounds like a pawn shop or something. I preferred Freedom Tower because (a) this is the USA where freedom used to mean something (b) it sounds better (c) I don't really care if China is offended by the term "freedom".

Rebecca said...

One of the reasons I don't like the name is the fact that I don't support uniting the world into "One big happy family".

Anonymous said...

Most people missed the meaning. I caught it.Scary!

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