Monday, January 19, 2009

Of Men and Apes

I was always amazed at George Bush's resemblance to a chimpanzee, especially during his earlier years as governor of Texas.
Even Democrats noticed and mentioned it.

Someone went so far as to make a shirt that shows the similarities.

Now, we have another President-Primate lookalike, though a little more specific this time.
I hadn't noticed before a few months ago, when it was brought to my attention by a news story of a man being labeled a "racist" for making these shirts:

There were demonstrations and protests outside the man's business, because he was selling these shirts. The creator of the shirts said, "Look at him . . . the hairline, the ears — he looks just like Curious George."

Why is it wrong to make the Obama/Curious George comparison, but not to make the Bush/Chimp comparison?

Let's put this into better perspective:

"Man 'A' looks like a monkey."
"Man 'B' looks like a monkey."

Which statement is objectionable? Neither?
Now, let's add a little more information.

"Man 'A' is a Republican, and he looks like a monkey."
"Man 'B' is a Democrat, and he looks like a monkey."

Anything objectionable yet?

Let's continue.
"Man 'A' is from Texas, and he looks like a monkey."
"Man 'B' is from Illinois, and he looks like a monkey."

Objection, anyone?

"Man 'A' speaks with a "Texan" accent, and he looks like a monkey."
"Man 'B' speaks with a "Northern" accent, and he looks like a monkey."

Still no complaints?
"Man 'A' has served as President, and he looks like a monkey."
"Man 'B' will serve as President, and he looks like a monkey."

The silence is deafening.
One last thing...

"Man 'A' has a light-skinned mother and a light-skinned father, and he looks like a monkey."
"Man 'B' has a light-skinned mother and a dark-skinned father, and he looks like a monkey."


Why? Would this have anything to do with the differing amounts of melanin in the skin of man "A" and the skin of man "B"?

Their politics, states of origin, speech patterns, and public offices had no bearing on anybody's opinion, only their skin tone. I guess we haven't gotten past our "racism" after all.
But, it isn't about "race"(as they like to call it), only those who do not understand ideology and politics worry about a person's skin color.
I don't look at Obama and think "black", I think about his ideology and politics.
I don't look at Bush and think "white", I think about his ideology and politics.

But, I still don't know what to do with this one:

Strange world.


Stephen Boyd said...

Very funny! Or is it?

BTW, I think alot of folks would have drawn the line (yelled rascist) when you noted that one was from Texas and the other from Illinois.

Son3 said...

Thanks for the comment!


Rebecca said...

We have seven kids in our family, and most of us have said, at one time or another, that Obama looks like a monkey!

Son3 said...

Well, it's obvious!

It's pretty well unanimous around here, too.

Prepare for political turbulence!

Stephen G. said...

That is very funny!

Son3 said...

Thanks for the comment, Stephen G.!

Palinesque }*~*{ said...

You set this up in such a funny way. As a fellow Christian, i know God created our past and current presidents with His own hands..
hey maybe they're really twins..God's idea of comic relief in Babylon... caught the monkey gene in Vietnam...oops...that was no monkey business..thanks for the great laugh!

Son3 said...

Glad I could give it!

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