Monday, March 29, 2010

Kansas House Passes Firearms Freedom Act

(Adapted from the Bleeding Kansas flag, "Admit Me Free".)

The Kansas House of Representatives has passed a bill, HB 2620, that, if passed by the Kansas Senate, will protect Americans' right to keep and bear arms made in Kansas.

Similar to the bills passed by Montana, Tennessee, Utah, Wyoming, and South Dakota, guns made from parts manufactured in Kansas will be entirely exempt from federal legislation concerning firearms.

I and others suspect, though, that this will fail in the Senate, as the recent passage of legislation from the House that would protect Americans from the highly controversial and unconstitutional magnum opus of tyranny, which is nominally "Health Care" but actually "National Triage and Illegal Immigrant Care", failed in the Kansas Senate, thus proving the Senate to be more leftist than its counterpart. Let us hope, though, for a win for Kansas and the rights of its people.

UPDATE: Passed. Commentary coming shortly.


The Rattler said...

Wow, I thought government can not infringe on the right to bear arms. It's written on the Bill of Rights I carry in my pocket (along with a my Baby Colt). Because I think they (our founders) meant that an unarmed person is a subject and an armed individual is a citizen. Regardless of a win or lose from you REPRESENTATIVES... You still have that RIGHT... if you use it. I for one, choose to be a Freeman!

Son3 said...

And freemen we are.

It is well established that our rights are inherent in us, as beings created in God's image, and that He Himself gives them to us.

Is it not therefore denying the very existence and truth of the God of the Bible to subject ourselves to men who would claim we have no such rights?

Americans will someday stand again as freemen, and our victory will be sweet.

Might as well make that, "sha-WEET!"

AdamS said...

This was the sixth Firearms Freedom Act, and I saw that it was good.


Seriously, good news. Does this mean you secede if The Joker and the Green Police come for your guns? Or that you can kick them out while remaining within the Union?

Son3 said...

No, if it meant secession, it would be a conditional declaration of secession. If it meant we could kick the Joker and Company out, that would pretty much be considered treason.

All this means is Kansas does not recognize federal gun laws.


A.Federal govt. has a ban on all automatics.

B. Kansas does not have such a ban.

Therefore, Kansan-made automatics are legal in Kansas, but they are not legal in any other state (due to Commerce Clause which says the feds can regulate anything leaving or entering a state).

Son3 said...

Correction: Kansas does have a ban on automatic firearms.

Johann said...

Shweetness. Maybe I should move a ways South (that's where I belong anyway) to Tennessee.

Keep it up Son3.

Son3 said...

If you're moving southward, make tracks for Kansas, where seldom is heard a discouraging word, and the guns are not silent all day!

You keep it up, too.

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