Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Czar-Mangled Banner

Ugly, but legal.

World Net Daily has posted on this story about these flags being sold on eBay, pondering the possible legal action for defacing the flag, but it is fruitless.

First off, the U.S. Flag Code is one of the few federal laws that really is a suggestion. There is no penalty for violations of the code, save for a few state or local ordinances, which usually include fines.

Here's the deal: if the people making these flags are manufacturing them themselves, instead of buying the flags and silk-screening Herr Obama's face on the canton, then there is no violation; if it don't have fifty stars, it ain't a U.S. flag, and is thus exempt from the restrictions of the code.

It's a whole other story if they are truly defacing U.S. flags, but like I said, the penalties would be subject to the local law enforcement's discretion.

The dimensions of the flag are also important. The flag pictured, I would hazard to guess, is about 3:5 and the U.S. flag is defined as being 10:19; that, too, is important.

What would it mean if one flew that flag upside-down, I wonder...


The Rattler said...

Yes our flag is used for many things. I've even seen a Harley Davidson version. It too bothers me as much a o's ugly mug. The only thing for sure is my salute to this one will be somewhat altered.

Btw I took down my two flags shown in my icon during a storm last weak and had 2 people ask what happened and when I could put them back up. I did it right away.

The Warrior said...

Aww, puke!

Son3 said...

Rattler, my sentiments exactly.

That's cool about your flags, BTW.

Warrior, thank you for the kind tribute to our President's image on the flag.

I only wish I could do more. :)

Rebecca said...

Give me a flag like that! I want to hang it upside down! Maybe I'd even iron on a purple mustache or something.

Son3 said...

Yes, but what would inverting it mean?

Distress, disrespect... what?

Rebecca said...

Disrespect of the most extreme kind. Wait . . . maybe distress too.
Help me! My country has just been taken over by a maniac! :)
It's both.

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