Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Balloon Boy" Hoax

Can we say "poorly composed publicity stunt"?

If you hadn't heard, the kid was supposedly in a giant, runaway balloon in Colorado, getting much media attention as the rescue teams were out in force; he turned out to be in the attic of the garage, "hiding". Lots of photo shoots and interviews for the attention-driven family, eh?

Oh, Falcon, what a thrashing thou shalt receive for revealing thy father's deceit on live television!

Ooh, Falcon's not the only one squirming!

At the end, Wolf basically says, "You got our attention, you got what you want, thanks for pranking us."


AdamS said...

That was awkward, wasn't it? XD


Balloon Boy was an Inside Job! LOL

Brian said...

It seems implausible to believe the family actually say one of the children video taped the 6 year old child getting into that jiffy pop balloon contraption with a supposed cardboard bottom and he could somehow be able to secure himself inside of it?? If the boy's weight is between 40-45 lbs.and the speed of the balloon is traveling @ approximately 25 miles per hr in a 2 hour span at an elevation exceeding 500' in the air and it finally lands around 50 miles from the home the scientist father logically explain exactly how he woud believe his son could have been inside of it? It truly defys logic and sounds like a publicity stunt or hoax of some sort. It is most unfortunate for parents to involve small children in dangerous activities, such as storm chasing, mommie swapping and bogus balloon mischief.

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Anonymous said...

hoax or not, the balloon boy gave his parents a heck of a lot of publicity in return for minimal effort on their part

Son3 said...

"Balloon Boy was an Inside Job! Balloon Boy was an Inside Job! Balloon Boy was an Inside Job!"

I love it!

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