Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chris Matthews Laughs Off "Birthers", Kansas DMV Among Them

If you didn't already know, I went down to the DMV to get an Instruction Permit a few weeks back. They didn't even let me past the documentation stage. They must be "Birthers".

Why? Because my birth certificate, a newspaper article announcing my birth, and a magazine subscription bearing my name and address* weren't enough to prove I was a citizen or a resident.

So, a man can be President of these United States, arguably the highest office in the world, and not prove his citizenship status, but Son3 is denied his right to drive unless he proves his citizenship. The law applies to everybody, not just the little people.

This isn't a "race" issue, and I'm not asking Obama to "sit in the back of the bus" for not showing his birth certificate, I'm just wondering why I, who provided my birth certificate and more, am being thrown under it.

This is about rule of law. It cost one whale of a lot of money to get my birth certificate, and a lot of energy to get the newspaper article, but it wasn't enough to get a driver's license. It wouldn't cost Obama anything to submit his birth certificate for examination, but the power he wields by not producing it is too much.

He's showing his hand, and his cards say the law doesn't apply to him.

Chris Matthew's forced laughter in the above video is obviously an attempt to laugh the issue away, but it isn't funny to me. I don't get to learn to drive. I have to wait till I'm 18 and am eligible to produce more ID before I'm granted my rights.

It may be funny to people who would rather the rule of law be offered as a sacrifice to their new "Master and Commander", but it isn't funny to me. Chris Matthew's says a newspaper article and an internet image of something that looks certificate-ish are enough, but not for me.

Another civil rights movement is in order.

*If the United States Postal Service acknowledges my name and address, who can argue?


Liberty said...

They wouldn't take your birth certificate? *rolls eyes* that's just dumb.

Son3 said...

Oh, they accepted it, but required more.

Seems a birth certificate isn't enough to prove U.S. citizenship in Kansas; I suppose it's because I could have moved to another country after being born here and revoked my citizenship, which is what Obama probably did when he lived in Indonesia.

His legal name, at least there, was Barry Soetoro. He has yet to surrender his passport, which would bear his current, legal name; if it says "Barry Soetoro", his name is just that, not "Barack Obama".

Rebecca said...

Stinker. He's ignoring common sense and he won't listen to the guy who actually knows what he's talking about!

Son3 said...

Stranger! Where've you been? :)

You're right, and I think there's a major elitist factor to all of this.

Thanks for the comment!

Rebecca said...

We went to VA to take my sister to college. (I may post about it on my blog later.)

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