Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thomas Jefferson on the Draft

"In this country, [a draught from the militia] ever was the most unpopular and impracticable thing that could be attempted. Our people, even under the monarchical government, had learnt to consider it as the last of all oppressions."

~Thomas Jefferson


Johann Van De Leeuw said...

What about WWII? Obviously I don't agree with a peacetime draft, or FDR in general, but wasn't the draft necessary?

Son3 said...

I do not believe it was, though, I may be errant in that opinion.

It was a very peculiar and unprecedented set of circumstances, with hidden agendas and less than obvious political battle lines.

American-based companies and financial empires actually funded Hitler's regime.

The U.S. responses to the legitimate threat on our sovereignty at home and abroad were bittersweet, and many draconian precedents were set.

I do not believe a draft should have been necessary, as many of our founders' discarded policies might have prevented our involvement in the war.

It is difficult to maintain one good policy when ten more are being implemented, so it is difficult to say what should/could have been done, IMHO.

Johann Van De Leeuw said...

Hmmm. I'm inclined to agree, but I don't know what exactly you mean by American companies funding the Nazis. I don't think the war accomplished as much as it should have, in that we destroyed the Nazis and left the Communists alone, and I obviously don't agree with FDR's policies. I do think the war was necessary, especially since we were attacked. Can you explain what you said in detail?

Son3 said...

Yes, yes, yes, the war was absolutely necessary; I'm just saying we may have avoided the long, drawn out war that it was, had we maintained the entire spectrum of the founders' domestic policies, such as congressional control of the currency, which would have (at the very least) lessened the Great Depression, which would have allowed us to spend more on building aircraft, strengthening our army and navy, etc.

Had we been in an era of economic prosperity, our enemies may have thought twice about attacking.

When I mentioned "American companies funding the Nazis," I was referring to:

International Business Machines (IBM), which provided the Nazis with the computers that cataloged the Auschwitz inmates.

Brown Brothers and Company, which helped build up the fledgling Nazi empire.

Again, I'm not saying the war was unnecessary or unjust, as it was necessary and just, I'm just saying things may have gone differently had these United States "stuck with the plan", so to speak.

Johann Van De Leeuw said...

Ok. I get it now. I'll check out those links when I get the opportunity! Thanks!

Son3 said...

No problem, buddy.

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