Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For The Hatred of Ron Paul

I'd be willing to bet you couldn't guess who called Ron Paul supporters "terrorists" first.

Yeah, you know the whole MIAC report coming out about supporters of Ron Paul, among others, being terrorists? It wasn't the first time someone said that.

I watched Glenn Beck on CNN one night in 2007, and I was shocked at what he said. Finally, I've found the video:

I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but using the word "bomb" in reference to large amounts of money is an accepted term, and can even be found in a dictionary. (Entry "8".)

So, Glenn Beck said Ron Paul supporters are terrorists long before the MIAC Report. What did he say after the MIAC Report?

So, now Glenn is buddy-buddy with Ron Paul, making fun of anyone who says Ron Paul supporters are terrorists? I don't get it.

If you've been watching Glenn's show for as long as I have, you'll know about his frequent references to Ron Paul as "the mayor of Looneyville" or "Crazytown", but now he likes him? Could it be that Glenn is capitalizing on Ron's popularity, trying to be more friendly towards him?

I have always loved watching Glenn Beck's television program, as well as listening to his radio show, but I've lately had a great dissatisfaction with him. He seems disingenuous to me.

After saying that he's "rewriting Common Sense" (at least he says he was "inspired" by Thomas Paine), and going on a "Common Sense Comedy Tour", he ceases to hold my interest.


AdamS said...

Glenn Beck is the Establishment's fisherman.

He casts his line out there with liberty-flavoured bait, then when you bite, he takes you off the hook and throws you into the disinfo keep net.

WildWeazel said...

I appreciate Glenn's political views and generally agree with most of the points he makes, but I don't understand some of his antics. I remember during last year's primaries, when discussing Ron Paul's foreign policy in light of international situations, he said something to the effect of "this is why true libertarians are not viable candidates anymore". Soon afterward, long before the MIAC fiasco, he started acting like Ron Paul was his best buddy. Now he does seem like an honest- if overdramatic- commentator, so it could be that his opinions changed over the course of the election cycle. Or perhaps he meant the first statement simply as an observation rather than criticism, though that was not how it came across.

Son3 said...

Thank you, gentlemen!

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