Saturday, April 25, 2009

Common Sense: Comedy?

Though he and Lou Dobbs are pretty much the only watchable mainstream news people today, Glenn Beck often ticks me off, and he has done it once again.

Glenn, you just shouldn't take one of our nation's founding images and customize it to bill your comedy tour; neither should you take the title one of our nation's founding writings, Common Sense, and use it to promote stand-up routines. Lectures, perhaps, but not comedy tours.

The things spoken of in Common Sense aren't meant to be funny; men died for the ideology expressed in those papers. They were shot, stabbed, bayoneted, and slowly bled to death because they believed in what was written in Common Sense.

Also, the political image of the rattlesnake representing America, "Join or Die", is now a marketing ploy?

The Revolution wasn't funny to anyone back then, and probably wouldn't be today if anyone actually knew about it.

Why are Americans being drawn to the symbols of our Revolution? Because today we are assaulted daily by cold, heartless thugs, just as we were back then.

Eugenics, disarmament, un-Constitutionality, censorship, unlawful detainment, deception, over-taxation; these things are bringing those symbols and words of the Revolution back to their rightful prominence in the American mind; not for you to use as advertisement for your tacky comedy tour, but to remind Americans of our rocky, bloody, war-racked past, so that at least we can avoid allowing tyranny to come upon us while we sleep.

But no, Glenn, you don't want us to sleep and you don't want us to watch, you want us to laugh? This is no laughing matter.

This is the time when we are supposed to sober ourselves out of our drunken stupor and confront the enemies of Liberty on the ideological battlefield; you cannot do this on a comedy tour!

I'm sorely disappointed and ashamed of you, Glenn.


Mike said...

If Beck had lived during the War for Independence, he would probably label the men who fought as part of the "Bubba Effect".


RightKlik said...

The blog is looking good Son3.

Son3 said...

Mike, I think you're right! Thanks!

Son3 said...

Thank you very much, RightKlik!

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