Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama: President for Life: The Repealing of the 22nd Amendment

New York Rep. Jose Serrano (D) has submitted a bill to House that would repeal the twenty-second amendment to the Constitution; that being the amendment that limits Presidents to two terms.

Oh, how wonderful it would be to have Obama as a career President!

But, don't hold your breath; there's talk that the Berg v. Obama case will be heard after Obama's sworn in.

That would start the beginning of the end. Or, perhaps it would be the end of the beginning.

Time will tell what happens next.


Rebecca said...

Oh good grief! I hope they don't do that! But even if they did, do you think people would elect him more than twice?

Son3 said...

After seeing and hearing the crowds chant "Thank you, Obama!" and "We Love Obama!", I think it's all but inevitable.

They will blind themselves to any faults or wrongdoing that they otherwise would have dissented against with Bush.

But, like I said, time will tell.

Stephen G. said...

I wonder what will happen.
God is in control!
(the Christian God, not all the gods they mentioned at Obama's inauguration)

Son3 said...

God is in control.

That is our one "trump card" against the NWO; we read the back of the Book, and it says we win in the end.

I believe that the men that are pulling all of the puppet strings are so blinded by Luciferian lies that they think they'll win.

I can only hope that they don't know what they are ultimately doing to themselves, let alone all of the people they're taking down with them.

If these are the end of days, as they appear at times to be, we don't have too much longer to wait.

The outcome has already been decided, so it's "game, set, match".

Rebecca said...

My mom doesn't think the people will elect Osama again after four years. I only hope she's right . . .

Son3 said...

I, too, hope so.

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