Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kansas Week: The Kansacity of Hope

Above is a rather shocking change from the warm and quiet blog header I had up before, but I felt that I must fully immerse my blog in the celebration of Kansas' statehood.

It means more to me than its admittance to the Union of the 1860's, as it marks the day that Kansas was recognised as a free and sovereign entity, just as any other state.

When the Kansan legislature drew up its final draft of our state constitution and submitted it for Congress to admit to the Union, it signified that Kansas was a legally sovereign entity, as only sovereign entities can apply for statehood.

The plague-like skirmishes Kansas endured in the most ridiculous and insane war, the War for Southern Independence, will forever blot the Kansan countryside with the stain of unnecessarily-shed American blood, giving the label "Bleeding Kansas" to this our most trying era in our state history.

Ad Astra Per Aspera: "to the stars through hardship".

In case you wondered, I just made up the word "Kansacity" (sounds sorta like "audacity") to describe the Kansasness of the Kansan Kansarama. Don't let the Kansations get to you, though; we Kansans can get a little bit Kansankerous about the Kanserocity of the Kansacious Kansasisms. Kan't you?


Palinesque }*~*{ said...

Kongrats Kansans! I saw file photo of the historic 1860's event...Robert KKK Byrd was there...ahh so THAT is what the K's stand for! (just kidding wouldn't put that on the dear state of Kansas!)

Son3 said...

Thanks, Palinesque!

Is Byrd still in Kongress? (Sorry, I kouldn't resist.) :)

I know I shouldn't, as this idea will probably be stolen by idea-thieves, but I've wondered if a group named "The Koo-Koo Klocks Klan" would ever get off the ground.

Perhaps they could wear periwinkle hoods and burn clock faces on people's front lawns.

Palinesque }*~*{ said...

hilarious! Periwinkle is one of my favorite colors maybe I could join?
Kool-Aid Korrupted Kongress! KayByrd is like the 5th K-9 in line...(almost out of my system)!

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