Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Final Word for 2008

I would like to ring in 2009 with this stunning display of eloquent speech and an outstanding performance of oratory genius in the Senate chamber. Yes, this is a man that has been elected time and time again to the Upper House of the Legislative Body of our Government which we call the Senate.

Our Government, the one that spends billions of your dollars with the flick of a pen, is partially run by that man.

Not too many speeches like that anymore.

Be sure to wake up in time to watch the ball drop in Times Square!


Bria said...

Yes my family and I always make it a tradition to toast new years! I probably won't go to bed until two or three! Happy New years eve!

Son3 said...

Happy New Year's Eve to you!

(I think I'll be "crashing" a bit earlier than you.)

Palinesque }*~*{ said...

is Senator Byrd a stroke victim? crying? constipated? as a former southerner from NC, I recall him a bit sharper than this..ROFL, this may have been his attempt to filibuster but in all seriousness, i think there is something else going on here ...

Son3 said...

I think he was having flash-backs from his earlier days in the Revolutionary War.

He must be somewhat shell-shocked from fighting back the British onslaught at Cowpens.

Plus, when you're a volunteer from Timbuktu, the rough three year voyage to New England in the 1700's can be damaging to one's mental health in old age.

Palinesque }*~*{ said...

I am so sore from laughing at this..and NOW you add MORE humor..I am going to share your comments on a blog that I h/t'd you for this and another post!

Son3 said...

Thank you, Palinesque!

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