Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Global Temperature Stagnation

Floridian forecasters are predicting a 25 degree low in Tallahassee tomorrow (19th), resulting in an all-time state record.

I must, at this time, pause and reflect on this for two reasons. First, I live in Kansas. You know, the state where the winter chill causes sweat to freeze on your skin, ice crystals hang mid-air, and your eyes fog up when you come back in from feeding the goats.

Secondly, what happened to Global Warming? I'm disappointed, to be honest. I was the president of Global Warming for Kansas Inc., a group dedicated to starting citrus groves and hibiscus plantations in the event of higher temperatures in the Midwest. The best-laid schemes...

This comes on the heels of the report that scientists "accidentally" used September's temperature stats to prove that this October was the hottest in years. Whoops.

You may have noticed that no one mentions "Global Warming" half as much as they mention "Climate Change." That's because they found out that the warming trend came to a halt in '99.
So, to continue their agenda, they switched to the new moniker of Climate Change.

As Alex Trebek would say, "Ooh, soory!"

Recent analysis of geologic and written historical records prove that the sun is mostly to blame for the heating up of the earth.

And you know what else, it gets cooler when the sun goes down, and warmer when it comes back up.

I've also noticed a weird trend in the temperature in the summer compared to that of winter.

I'm just sayin'.

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