Monday, September 22, 2008

Rights Not Enumerated IV

I've dropped another thirty five dollars towards a trophy wall by purchasing my archery tag for deer season this year, as today is the first day of deer season for muzzleloader and archery.

Back in the 1700's, deer season often included onions and salt. Today though, hunting seasons are one more way Big Brother squeezes us out of more of our own money.

Yesterday, I got my archery tag at Wal*Mart. The odd thing was that I to wait for about ten minutes before someone eventually showed themself.

After another ten minutes, I got my little little green card to sign; the same card that says: "We give you permission to go hunting on your own property."

I've already gotten my makeshift stand set up, though it needs a bit more work.

I'm not going hunting until it's colder and the bucks have rid themselves of their velvet, which may take a while due to Global Warming.

Then again, Global Cooling may speed up that process.

'Course, when you take Global Temperature Stagnation into consideration, natural cycles could go on indefinitely.


Benjamin9 said...

Lol. Nicely written. Good points on the "mother - may - I" asking to hunt on ones own land.

Stephen Boyd said...

About how hard are y'all prosecuted for "poaching"? And at what point does a deer become a trespasser?

Son3 said...

Thanks for the comments, sirs!

Stephen, I'm fairly certain that you only have to pay tens of thousands in fines.

A trespassing deer is one that has presented a perfect broadside in the middle of the yard. (Kidding! I would only otherwise shoot when life or property are in peril.)

Probably when one actually enters my home would I feel that I wouldn't be charged with anything.

I'd have to count on a jury of my peers otherwise.

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