Sunday, September 21, 2008

Don't Tread on My Flag: The Gadsden Flag Song Competition

I feel it's a shame that one of the grandest flags ever to fly over American soil doesn't have a legitimate song, so I plan to bring attention to the forgotten flag, and restore it to prominence as an American symbol.

And so, I do hereby state that I shall be holding a competition for best music and lyrics for a song about the Gadsden Flag. You may enter a tune, lyrics, or both.

(I'm well aware of the various rock "songs" named "Don't Tread on Me"; that is not legitimate music, so don't even think of entering anything like that.)

The winner will get full credit at an exhibition of the song here at my blog, and possibly other places. Again, tunes, lyrics or both may be entered; the best of either of these categories will be chosen.

You may use this post to comment your entry for lyrics. If your entry contains music, simply comment a link to your video such as from Vimeo or YouTube.

So, show your musical genius as well as American patriotism, and get to work on it!
If nobody submits a decent song, I will submit my own song and declare myself the winner. (And nobody wants that!)

The competition ends November first; the winner and song will debut here on the third.


Stephen Boyd said...

Great Idea! Will be cross-posted.

Son3 said...


My Rattler Flag flies high over our property, except on Independence Day, when it floats just below the Betsy Ross.

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