Friday, August 29, 2008


The presumptive nominee of the Praetorian-Wolf Party has chosen his running mate, the Governor of Alaska. Now, this governor has previously stated on FOX News that she's not worried about being VP right now, she's only concerned about how Alaska can better serve the United States.

Now, I don't know which is more disturbing: a governor that prefers serving the central government over retaining state sovereignty, or the fact that JOHN MCCAIN JUST CHOSE A FEMALE VICE PRESIDENT!!! Pardon my outburst. Yes, indeed, McCain's VP pick is Sarah Palin. While she is ultra-conservative, government is one of the places that is given specifically to man.

So, here America sits in a political war between Fascism and Socialism. Or is it war at all?
Is it not true that both major political parties are merely two sides of the same coin?

As a side note, I'm sorely disappointed by the Libertarian Party candidate, Bob Barr. He was formerly employed by the CIA, and issues have arisen concerning his morality.

I highly support the Constitution Party candidate, Chuck Baldwin, though; an uncompromising Christian leader who supports the Constitution and adheres to the original intent thereof. Could he get any better?


Stephen Boyd said...

Good post.
"Praetorian-Wolf Party" LOL!! Unfortunantly true. Did you by any chance watch the DNC?

Son3 said...

Thank you!

I did watch most of it, I was missed about the first half of Obama's speech because we had to pick up some documents out of town.

I'll post some more comments and stuff in a little bit; I have to try and fix this mess of a computer to get it to function!

Stephen Boyd said...

Sounds good!

Did you notice when, I don't remember what day it was, Nazi Pelosi marched out with all the other femi-nazis from congress, and some of them spoke? Did you notice that they all sounded like the same person?

Son3 said...

No, I must have missed that too. :(
I saw how she was basically ignored when she gave her speech at the DNC, though. That made my day!

I noticed the media giving a lot of attention to the Alex Jones/Michelle Malkin confrontation!

Did you hear anything about that?

Stephen Boyd said...

No, I didn't. Please explain.

Son3 said...

Get's kind of long winded:

Alex Jones was at the DNC protests, taking video for his documentaries and such, when he spotted Michelle Malkin in the crowd.

He cheerfully walked over to talk to her. She was talking with a couple of men, one of which was wearing a very identifiable white hat.

At Alex's approach, the man in the white hat nervously stepped back, as though they weren't just talking, and began taking pictures of Malkin.
(This is important later on.)

Alex walked right up to Malkin with a big grin on his face and politely greeted her.

After asking about her controversial book (in which says that dissenters of the state should be put in camps), Michelle whipped out her camera from her purse and raised it over her and Alex's head as though she was trying to take pictures of the crowd.

Alex was still talking to her while she was doing this, and it became obvious that she was trying to ignore him.

She said that she was busy working on getting pictures for her blog and to get out of the way. (At this point she finally turns her camera on.)

Her 400 pound body guard eventually stepped between them very rudely, and glared down at Alex while he was trying to ask her a question.

After a while, the discussion became heated with Alex raving about her socialist views, and someone started shouting "Kill Malkin! Kill Malkin!", before they finally parted ways.

Somewhere in the middle of all of this, her body guard started pushing Alex around before Alex finally pushed back.

This prompted the man in the white hat (who was later confirmed to be an informant) to run to the police saying that Alex is beating on Malkin and threating to kill her.
(The man was confronted by Alex the next day, and he again ran to the police who escorted him out of sight.)

The media played this as though Alex was some kind of leftist mad man that attacked Michelle. He certainly could have handled it better by not getting upset, but he certainly didn't do anything wrong.

There are several videos of this, maybe I'll do a post on it sometime.

Stephen Boyd said...

Can you email me a link to any of the videos?

That's hysterical!

'Course, I can just wait for the post, assuming that you are including the video.


Son3 said...

Sure! (Don't hold your breath on the post though; it may take me awhile.)

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