Thursday, October 24, 2013

Marque vs. Morality

Is it immoral to break the law?



What about a law, Christian reader, that would cause you to violate your beliefs?  A law that required you to do something or consent to something that offends your sacred beliefs about God and His Word?

Oh, to break this law would not be immoral?

How can that be, if you answered yes to the immorality of breaking the law?

The problem is that laws are not any standard of morality.  They neither enforce nor subvert morality.  We ought to rid ourselves of terms such as "legislating morality," because morality is not at issue, it is the pretended authority of some trying to legitimize their use of force - civil law is merely the social medium through which some people seek to impose their will on you.   The morality of an issue is never settled through directives.  Even in systems where there is no such thing as democracy, republicanism, repeal, appeal... you are not solving an issue with legal force.  As I have shown, an immoral law may be passed.  The legitimacy of an argument is no more proven by enforcement than a criminal may rightfully rob you because he overpowered you.  They may be right, they may be wrong, but the legislation is merely a letter of marque.

Murder is immoral. Murder is against the law.  Two correct sentences?  In this country, murder is both legal and illegal, because while stabbing a man to death will send you to prison, a woman may kill her unborn child.  How is the law a standard, then?  Marriage has been made into a legal issue, branching off into everything from property rights to taxation.  Is homosexuality immoral? Yes, but it is not illegal.  I can think of many things that are wrong that aren't and shouldn't be illegal.  Disobedience to parents, blasphemy, lying, berating someone, profanity... in most instances, those things are unregulated.

The legitimate purpose of legislation is to ensure the full liberty of every individual to live freely, it is not to promote morality or immorality in society.  Morality in society is an issue for the public to decide - and as Christians, we need to show up and speak up, not bully our neighbors with badges and guns.

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