Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Natural Government

The fact is not so much that man was meant to be free as it is that he wasn't meant to be "ruled" by other men. Man's natural state is to answer solely to God and mutually respect all other men and their property; they, too, answer to only God. Any other arrangement, whether extenuating circumstances require it or not, is unnatural.

Any governing body should therefore have as its only goal the protection of the natural rights of the individual man; as a governing body is, by definition, officiated by men, the supreme law should never usurp the authority of the ultimate Source of humanity's knowledge and wisdom, the Bible; its acceptance must be universally and freely offered by all those which it shall govern.

Without this goal, without this Source, and without this respect and recognition, no government can possibly be just, fair, or free.

Government cannot deviate from its goal to encompass anything further than codified protection of life, liberty and property any more than a trash collection service may expand to areas beyond refuse disposal, such as cosmetics or fish-farming, as it would then cease to be a trash collector. Government can no more override Biblical authority than your neighbor can tell you what groceries you may buy. Government may no more assert itself sans republican principles than a bank may decide whose money they may withhold and how much.

There is a place for everything, and everything should be in its place. This is the natural order of things; anything to the contrary is disorder.

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