Saturday, September 11, 2010

Book Burning and That Little Issue of Freedom

The President has commented on the matter that the stunt is, as he put it, "... completely contrary to our values as Americans," noting that this country was built on religious freedom and tolerance, and that the stunt would endanger our troops in Afghanistan.

As you saw in the video above, General Petraeus said the mission in Afghanistan would be made more difficult due to anger among the Afghans at images of the Koran burning, causing, possibly, a violent response.

And here I was thinking the mission in Afghanistan was to protect our freedoms. That's what we've been told, anyway. So, how is it that we have a military presence in Afghanistan for the purpose of defending freedom, and when that freedom is used it makes Afghans angry, so we then must put a stop to the use of that freedom? It doesn't make sense! Our troops are there for the specific purpose of defending that pastor's right to burn the Koran, and we tell him not to? Our President says it is contrary to our values to use our freedoms?

Some have said it is a pointless stunt. Why? Because you think it is pointless? Then protest it. You're free to do so, just as the Afghans are; and if the Afghans don't want the military of a free nation in their enslaved country, then we should either get out or start shooting them. And, frankly, Afghans have the right to be an enslaved, backward, hateful culture if they want to be, so I favor pulling out, and I would never support killing people for religious differences.

So, what is our mission in Afghanistan? Forcing them to accept freedom they don't want at the expense of our soldiers' lives, or protecting our own freedoms until the cavemen complain, and then acquiesce to their whining?

The Floridian pastor has been pressured to the point that he has canceled the burning, a victory for Muslims abroad, a defeat for the sovereignty of our freedom.

What would our dead troops say, having supposedly died for that pastor's rights, if they knew the Muslims that killed them got their way, not by defeating our military, but because the skulking, putrid, degenerate people in their own, American government were slime enough to let them have their way.

Shame on all political and media voices who spoke only in condemnation and contempt of the Floridian pastor.


Rebecca said...

I actually don't think it would be right to go around burning the Koran. Yes, we disagree with it, but won't burning the book help deface our side and those who believe in the Bible? "Christians are haters who believe in Koran-burning."
Now I'm not saying that we should accept this lunacy called "tolerance" but I don't think we need to take their side against them either.

Rebecca said...

(Forgot this in the last one)
What do you think would happen to our troops in Muslim countries if we did burn tons of Korans? The Muslims there get wind of it, and then they take it out on Americans. What Americans are closest? Our military!

Son III said...

Being regular American citizens, as opposed to being members of the government, we have the right to say that we don't want something to be a part of our culture. We have the right to burn a book we don't agree with, thus showing that it is unwelcome.

The effectiveness or message derived from the act is not in question, as we have the freedom of speech, which would include such a display.

Our soldiers are in a Muslim country, on the premise of defending our freedoms, including that of speech, militarily.

If those who would do harm in response to our freedom intend to attack our troops, as is usually anticipated in war, our troops must do their duty. That's why they're there; it's their job.

I personally don't want our troops in Afghanistan, because it is more than obvious that if our leadership is not interested in carrying out the original mission of defending our freedom, then we have no business putting our soldiers at risk under false pretenses.

Either our military is in Afghanistan to defend freedom, or it is there to defend a failed state.

Son III said...

On whether or not I agree with burning the Koran, I don't think I would.

I couldn't care less, though, because it is a monstrous, evil way of life that encourages the killing of infidels and deceiving their enemies into thinking they are their friends. I would say the Koran is worse than Mein Kampf, and I wouldn't have a problem burning Mein Kampf.

Islam has caused the horrific deaths of untold numbers of people throughout history, so I do not bemoan a burned Koran.

Yet, I support the right of Muslims to build their mosque at Ground Zero, because they have the right to practice their religion as much as I, as guaranteed in the Constitution. I'd rather they not, but I can't stop them.

Perhaps they would like to hold a Bible burning? Fine, they can't kill the Word of God, and their reward awaits them at the Throne of God, lest they repent.

AdamS said...

I do think this is a psyop against Christians to an extent.

It would be worth noting, however, that if, indeed, the objective of stopping the koran burning is to "avoid provoking Muslims", then maybe that should have been considered by the govt before they, ya know, bombed Muslim countries...

Very clever propaganda, this.

BTW long time no type, hope you're well. :)

Son III said...

Aye, sir, a virtual handshake to you, AdamS!

I considered the possibility of this being at least being elevated as an example, not so much false flag, though, because the first I heard of it, it was being reported that the Afghans had already organized themselves into a protest.

I keep up with the news, yet third-worlders are protesting something I just heard about happening in my own country? They must have the Reuters app on their iPads.

And I agree, if we're so concerned about offending them, why are we there bombing and sniping and occupying their country?

Rebecca said...

Because we're not in their country to fight them and their religion. We're after the terrorists who happen to be Muslim.

Liberty said...

Personally, I disagree with burning books...any books, Qur'an or not. The Qur'an contains a lot of history, and it's an interesting read.

That being said, I don't think it's the government's place to be getting involved in this. A person has the right to do what they wish on their own property, and that includes everyone- Muslims, Jews, Christians, athiests, etc. Just because I disagree with their actions does not mean that I have the right to press the government to do something about it. ^.^

Son III said...

Rebecca, our forces have apparently strayed from that mission, and we now nation-build for the Muslims with the blood of our servicemen, and when they complain we're too free, our government scolds us for being insensitive.


Liberty, if you don't like the idea of burning books, great, but don't call the Koran an interesting read, because it is a read that promotes the beating of women, the killing of Christians, the glorification of a false god, Allah, and scores of other travesties.

Try reading the translation by Usama Dakdok, or watching one of his videos online.

But, I see we are in agreement that it is not the place of government to say hot or cold. (Pardon the possible pun.)

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