Sunday, January 10, 2010

Charles Payne is a Racist

Skip to 4:45 for the relevant clip

"Conservative" Charles Payne admittedly voted for Obama, because he said he had "... a sense of obligation to Rosa Parks, Medgar Evers, Martin Luther King, people - my family who came up through Alabama."

But, now he's "really disappointed".

Also, note how quickly he says, "I was torn! I voted for him, then I voted all Republican." Oh, Republican, that makes it all better.

Hating to borrow a phrase from Janeane Garofalo, but, "That's racism, straight up."

I want an apology from Charles Payne, and from everyone else who voted for Obama, but especially from those who voted for him just because his father was from Africa.

Shame on you, hypocrites.


Rebecca said...

Don't kill me for this, but I can understand black people voting for Obama because he's black. They have had a hard time being accepted by white people, and the only thing good about Obama being president that I see (and you might convince me that I'm wrong) is that it's kind of the last step proving that black people are treated as equals. A black man was finally able to work his way up and be the president.

All that being said, I still don't like a thing about Obama. :)

Son3 said...

Well, since you realize you're probably wrong, I'll let it go this time.


CarolineNot said...

Will either of you explain to me why this man is called a black man? He's not black. His skin is light brown. It's that color, because his dad had very dark brown skin, and his mother had very light skin. Neither is he likely African American, because so far, there's nothing indicating he's American at all. So if we want to use some sort of label identifying his heritage or citizenship, wouldn't he be either African or Indonesian? But I digress...because the question stands: Why is he called a black man or African American?

Who's in this group of people named "white" who purportedly haven't accepted people who are some other color? I've never seen anyone who's white. Personally, I'm spotted: ivory and brown. Mayhap my people group name is Cheetah. Wait, I think Cheetah was a monkey.

We all came from the same garden, then the same boat. Much ado about nothing. I'm related to the man; not the only gnarly relative I've had or wouldn't want in the White House.

AdamS said...

Isn't he more arab than black anyway? I was under the impression he is just a few percent black, half white, and the rest arab. (due to his father's mostly arab ethnicity)

Of course, that doesn't matter to some people - but to racist Obama supporters his Blackness is everything. It kind of papers over everything else.

Son3 said...

Quite so, AdamS! Good point.

I guess we haven't gotten past our racism and fascination with color, as evidenced by the man's election.

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