Friday, December 11, 2009

Tagged by a Warrior

I'm fine though. Really.

It was quite some time ago that I was tagged by the man, but I've been a bad blogger, and I haven't paid one mite's worth of attention to my blog for quite some time. Shameful.

Anyway, here's the deal... I have to answer whatever questions my readers ask, however many questions you ask, all in one sitting. So, comment your questions on this post, and I'll be sure to answer them all before January in another post.

Ask anything, and I'll try to answer. Remember, this all ends when everyone's had an adequate chance to comment their questions (all of this is at my discretion, by the way).

Let'r rip.


Rebecca said...

Do you think feminism is part of the socialist agenda to destroy America?

R said...

Would you rather see a return to the original U.S.A. or a secession of one or several different Confederations of States from the former u.S.?

The Warrior said...

How many guns do you have?

What kind of guns have you used?

How many knives do you have?

Any other kind of weapons?

What are your favorite books, nonfiction?


Johann Van De Leeuw said...

Hey, I want your full and complete opinion of the Iraq/Afghanistan War on Terror "Conflict". And I echo R's question.
(Who says that the fact that his profile is actually liking his password and username for once, is pretty awesome!)
P.S. Don't you tag me now, I don't have a blog.

The Warrior said...

What's your favorite movie?

If you are comfortable with this question in a public forum, are you a prepared survivalist?

Familiar with Rawles?

What one movie made you think the most?

What do you think about Bigfoot?

Sea monsters, or like Nessie?



Do you like any military vehicles, be it aircraft, tanks, or ships?

Can you pick a favorite?

Favorite historical subject?

Now, person?

Do you like martial arts at all?

How many people, if any, have been punched by you?

Do you like science at all?

Favorite kind of science?

What do you think about dinosaurs?


Johann Van De Leeuw said...

Spencer, you're acting just like Ms. Mariah. Don't deluge the poor fellow! (Though I would be interested in his answers!)

Rebecca said...

I know I'm not asking these all in one comment, but I have another question or three. :)

What is your view on abortion in the case of a tubal pregnancy?

Do you prefer girls with long hair or short hair?

We know a family who is very Vision Forum and Confederate, and they don't like college for either boys or girls. Is that something you would hold to as well, or would you go to college?

What do you think about girls going to college?

Johann Van De Leeuw said...

"We know a family who is very Vision Forum and Confederate, and they don't like college for either boys or girls. Is that something you would hold to as well, or would you go to college?

What do you think about girls going to college?"
Now that's going to spark a response.
Why does that strangely describe me?
(Except that my parents want me to go to college and I just might.)

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