Monday, October 05, 2009

Swine Flu Shot: 99% Snake Oil

I make it a point to avoid posting as little profanity or impolite language as possible. I know that sort of thing doesn't bother many people, but it bothers me, and I feel responsible for anything I put on my blog.

That said, the following video contains a "looped" clip which contains the brief phrase, "Just get your d--- vaccine!" This is replayed continuously throughout the video. I post this video regardless of this, as the information it otherwise holds is invaluable for anyone considering a swine flu shot.

This video contains an interview with Kathleen Sebelius (that's "seb-EEL-ee-us", not "sebel-I-us"), who was Governor of Kansas for as long as I've lived here until she was appointed HHS Secretary by Obama.

Her reptilian face continues to disgust me.


AdamS said...

"reptilian" LMAO

Why won't you just trust your government agencies? They're telling the 'truth'!

Son3 said...

"LMAO" Laughing Much And Often? :)

Thanks for the comment!

Johann Van De Leeuw said...

I very much appreciate the heads up. I detest and dislike foul language, but I have been exposed to it enough to ignore it. I intend to watch this video when I get the chance.
Thank you!

Son3 said...

Thank you, Johann.

Rude or foul language is quite unnecessary, isn't it? It's like they have nothing better to say.

Hide the kids! :D

Johann Van De Leeuw said...

Son3, thanks for posting this. They can vaccinate me for this after I'm dead.
What is the point of this conspiracy??

Son3 said...

They can give me my vaccinations when they roll up the sleeve on my cold, dead arm.

One word, "Eugenics".

Okay, three, "Power and Control".

Johann Van De Leeuw said...

Amen Son3! What'd you think of the link to I hadn't seen the videos yet, that's why I said 'Judge for yourself'.
Have a good day!
BTW, My it's halfway through the soccer season, and my team is in first place so far, (won 3/4 games). We play the powerhouse Orange next week though; three of my brother-in-law's siblings are on that team rather than mine, much to my chagrin.
Sorry, random thought about my everyday life!

Son3 said...

The post at that link was a re-post of a Prison Planet article, which only had part of the story at the time; much more has come to light since then, and it all depends now on what part of what lie you believe.

Basically, XE can only be involved if the leader of the APF, Michael Hilton, was truthful in his assertion that his base of operations is U.S. Training Center.

I am more inclined to think Hilton (or whatever his actual name is) is a lone-wolf conman who falsely claimed the U.S. Training Center as his own in an attempt to enhance his lie about his military connections.

He is a career criminal with a record of fraud and international crimes.

I, myself, exposed his photo-shopped images on his website *polishes fingernails*, which has been changed and refurbished to avoid a lawsuit from Serbia over his use of their coat of arms as his logo.

In short, I don't necessarily see a XE connection, but it is a possibility.

Son3 said...

Oh, and thanks for the JSN update! (Jayhawker Sports News)

I don't think you've ever told me you play soccer.

I've never played a sport, but I play a wicked jawharp!

And boy, am I a plucker!

Son3 said...

(Wicked is a good thing, right?)

Johann Van De Leeuw said...

;) LOL

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