Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Prayer for Our President

I don't know much about this man named James David Manning, but I found this video to be particularly good.

He gets rather crazy at the end,
"Hallelujah, Amen, and Boom-Shakalaka!"

Remember to pray for Barack "The Long-Legged Mack Daddy" Obama.


Johann Van De Leeuw said...

I pray for the whole government and for revival - 'tis the only way out of this awful mess. Amen?

AdamS said...

He is quite a character, isn't he!

"I'm praying on this day that you make Tim Geithner a babbler" LOL

Have you seen the video where he says "white folk are gonna riiiise up"?

"Y'all think it was somethin' when black folk riot..."

Son3 said...

Amen, Johann! And Boooom-Shakalaka!

AdamS, I did see that one on your blog! My Dad wants to invite him over for a barbecue; they'd get along quite well.

Johann Van De Leeuw said...

Do you have a link for the one on Adam's blague?
BTW, Son3, you should change the "yes" on your poll to "absolutely!" Now I have wedding pictures to send you to - I haven't forgotten! I was going to set up a Picasa Web Album, but I don't know how to do that yet. I'll have to tinker around with it.
But when I've got one up, I'll send you the link! Say, I'm going to send you an email with links to some web albums my Sis set up in the past. Check your inbox!

Son3 said...

(Waaaaay down at the bottom.)

Thanks for the email, which I have received, and I'll be back to blog and email you soon, hopefully!

I've filed a job application, I'm trying to finish my education, my country is falling apart, my "long lost" brother is staying down here, I'm trying to get a driver's license, and I haven't really had time or inspiration to blog or email as of late.

So, I haven't been kidnapped, I'm just slightly occupied.


CarolineNot said...

P.S. And we've been eating the fatted calf. You forgot that part. ºÜº

To God be the glory; great things He hath done. \o/

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